10 Best Foam Roller Exercises Work Best for Back


The exercise on a foam roll is one easy and intensive exercise sessions of all time. It helps for muscle recovery, increases flexibility, prevent injuries and much more. The foam roller exercises are recommended by doctors, trainers, and athletes.

The exercise session lasts for 3 to 5 minutes and it soothes the strained and tight muscles. The foam roller workout is basically performed by applying weight on the foam roller and moving the body on the roller by moving it.

The shape of the foam is cylindrical and has a hard surface. It comes in the circumference from 4 to 8 Inches and 12 to 36 Inches long.

Many people like to do foam roller exercise on a bigger foam roller as they are having an advantage to different types of exercises on it. The beauty of this exercise is that it can be applied to various parts of the body. For the ones who are new it is good to use a mat to perform the exercise.

Here are 10 common and effective best foam roller exercises to perform every day.

Ten Foam Roller Exercises for Back and Lower Back

  1. The Back Roll Exercise

The Back Roll Exercise

The foam roller exercises for back tends to suit the back and relaxes the back body to a greater extent. Place the foam roller and lie down on it with a flat position on the back. Place the hands on the back of the head and lock it nicely. Raise the hips above from the ground so that the weight is placed on the foam and suspended with legs. Put the weight backward as the head is little higher than the ground. Using the feet start rolling and perform this exercise for 10 times. Remember not to place the head forward as it will put pressure on spin and maintain the balance while performing it.

  1. The Calve Roll Exercise

The Calve Roll Exercise

The leg muscles are needs relaxation exercise sessions and foam roller workout is best for it. For this exercise, any kind of foam can be used. Use a mat for this exercise for having a firm grip. Sit on the floor or mat with legs in straight position. Place the foam under the legs or calve and use the hand to raise the hips. The weight should be on the palm and take a nice position with maintaining proper grip. Now start rolling as the foam rolls from ankles to knees. Enjoy this exercise for 10 repetitions while counting it.

  1. The Groin Roll Exercise

The Groin Roll Exercise

This foam roller workout is essential after performing a workout. The muscles in the groin area get tighten up when performing a heavy workout. Use the form for few rolling session and ease the pressure from the muscles. Lie down on the floor or mat and place one leg hip on the foam roll. Make balance using elbows and palm of hands. Start rolling for 10 times and do this with another leg too.

  1. The IT Band Roll Exercise

The IT Band Roll Exercise

The muscles on the side of the legs are very hard to target where the foam roller back exercises tend to be effective. Lie on the roll from the left side of the body and cross the right leg over the left leg. Using the elbow maintain the weight on the roller. Perform the rolling exercise for 10 times and then repeat the same with the other leg. This exercise also helps to increase the stability of the body.

  1. The Hamstring Roll Exercise

The Hamstring Roll Exercise

The foam roller exercises for a back is not enough for joggers, runners, and cycle. There is always a greater amount of strain in the hamstring muscle area. Sit straight on a mat or floor and legs should be facing forward. Put the roller under between knees and hip area. Apply the weight only on hands and keep the balance. Roll in this position for about 10 times and for advance exercise place one leg on the other.

  1. The Quadriceps Roll Exercise

Quadriceps Roll Exercise

This foam roller exercises for back and front body puts an impact on the front leg hips of the body. Lie on the floor in face down manner and place the foam under the knees and between the hip areas. Keep the balance by placing the hands straight out and elbows. Start rolling in and out for at least 10 times and make sure to roll on the hip areas only.

  1. The Lower Back Roll Exercise

Lower Back Roll Exercise

This type of exercise is good for back pains due to work and makes the body uncomfortable. Lie down on foam roller exercises for lower back and use the feet to raise the body. Place the hands on the chest and pull the chin up. In any case, do not let the head down and keep the body straight as much as possible. Start the rolling and continue it for 1 minute and put the whole body on the foam. If the floor is slippery then use a mat.

  1. The Lats Roll Exercise

Lats Roll Exercise

The side muscles of the chest become too hard to work out and with foam roller workouts exercise, those areas can be relaxed. Lie on the right side with stretching the arms and place the head straight. Bend the left arm and apply the left-hand palm for the support. Place the right leg over the left leg and start the rolling movement. Perform this exercise for a minute and repeat it with another side too.

  1. The Chest Roll Exercise

Chest Roll Exercise

Pushups are one of the common exercises that every individual performs. With the pushups, muscle tighten is a regular and stress is there in muscles and tissues. Lay on the floor on right side, extent the right hand and place the foam exactly under the armpits. Put chest weight on the foam and lie properly on knee area. Start the movement and roll for a minute and repeat with another side too.

  1. The Glutes Roll Exercise

Glutes Roll Exercise

To get a perfect look of the Glute area is much more difficult with regular exercise. With the foam exercise and in few days the changes can be seen. Sit on the foam roller exercises for lower back, balance the body with hands and toes. Put one leg over to the top of another to work on both. Perform this exercise for about a minute and perform it with another side too.

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