100 Degrees Fahrenheit – Is it Normal Body Temperature for Babies?

100 Degrees Fahrenheit Temperature in Babies

It could be extremely worrying when a kid get high fever. We become puzzled and cannot decide what to do or not. This write up will help you to get rid of this confusion and make a better decision.

The normal body temperature for babies is 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature more than that means that there is fever in toddlers. It sometimes happens that high fever in kids reduces without any treatment but that is rare.

Here are certain facts that will help you to know exactly what has to be done if we have fever temperature for babies.

What Cause Fever in Children?

Common infection and other illness are the major causes for fever in children. The common conditions that can cause rise in normal body temperature of baby are many, like: upper respiratory infections, flu, infections in ear, tonsillitis, pox and many more. Vaccination can also make a rise in normal temperature for baby.

Measure the temperature of your child using thermometer and record the temperature. The thermometer can be the normal one or the digital one but using a digital one is safer as it does not contain mercury and has no other health hazard.

If these conditions are there along with rise in normal body temperature of baby it requires medical attention immediately. If your kid is of three months and has a temperature of above 99.5 degree Fahrenheit which is the normal body temperature for babies or if your baby is three to six months old and have temperature of 102 degree Fahrenheit then also medical attention is required.

As parents, you should not delay the treatment process as it may be fatal if not treated properly. It may so happen that when your kid is not having normal temperature for infants your doctor is not available then rush with your baby to nearby hospital so that they can start the treatment immediately.

Your kid’s temperature may be the outcome of many other serious health problems like meningitis, septicemia, or pneumonia. These are all bacterial infections but are very dangerous.

Like meningitis is an infection of the covering of the brain and needs immediate treatment. Likewise septicemia is an infection of blood and pneumonia is infection of lungs. So there can be various reasons which may lead to high fever in toddlers.

How to Treat a Fever in Kids?

The first thing to care about is that your baby should not be dehydrated when they have fever. Give them plenty of fluids. Fluids can be given in many manners like breast milk, juice or cold water. Even if they are not thirsty give them fluids so that there is no chance of them getting dehydrated.

Kid’s paracetamol can help to bring down the temperature to normal body temperature of infants but it is always advised that no medication should be given to a kid without medical consultation. We are not experts to know the proper cause of the rise in temperature so we may not be giving the right medicine for the treatment. Do follow the advice of your doctor properly and record the temperature at regular interval.

So, when you see that your kid is not having normal temperature you should not get puzzled but have a cool mind and make arrangement so that your kid gets medical treatment at the earliest. This should be your priority without trying anything at home rush to your doctor or give him a call.


Written by Nyk

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