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11 Free Skin Care Apps You Should Download


To take care of the skin we always make ourselves worried. Our phones can be a big help with the Skin Care Apps they are having. There are 11 really great apps which will help your skin to have the health and glow that it requires.

11 Best Skin Care Apps for Daily Skin Check

11. SleepBOt

Beauty purely reveals itself when the body gets full-time rest with nice sleeping routines. A better night sleep will keep the dark circles and swells of eyes away with naturally glowing skin. This app records the sleeping habits and just when you about to sleep press the button. It also records sounds if you’re sleep taking and also the movements while sleeping.

10. Water Drink Reminder

Most of part of the body is filled with water and when a slight part of water level drops then a person feels thirsty. The reason for the skin to have dull complex, fine lines and dark circles is because your body is not hydrated enough. This app will remind you to drink water even before you know that you are thirsty. There are also different drink options which are always a winning situation.

9. SunZapp

The sun can be harmful to the skin especially if it’s a really hot day out. This is the perfect app for you, in case you are having a hot day. This app checks the weather report and examines with some deep analysis to tell the time to hide from the sun. This app allows more than four people to make their profile. Sun is blocked and no sunburns, now your skin will feel good.

8. Dermcheck

With this app, you won’t need to wait in queues to visit the Dermatologist. This app can easily connect you to more than 20 certified dermatologists and they will give you your answer. You can also send a screenshot, past medical report and what are your plans for them. If there is a need for any prescription for medicines then they will send an electronic one. There can be some additional charges but this is much more convenient to talk anytime you want.

7. ThinkDirty

This app was made to check what toxic or harmful ingredients your products are having. Just scan the barcode and this app will do the next. Some of us are allergic to something and this app will not only find the toxic ingredients but also every substance is pointed out. After downloading this app you can start to check all the products that you are using.

6. CureSkin

Take a photo of yourself and leave everything to this app. It will check for all the dark spots, lines, wrinkles and acne. The suggestions will be given on what things are to be done to improve the condition of your skin. You can also analyze the reports weekly and check how you are transforming for a healthy glowing skin.

5. Pimple Remover Tips

Worried about pimples and it’s popping out every now and then. Well, this app will help you to remove the pimples in a nice way than taking them out on your own. With this app, know can make a diet plan that will help you not to grow pimples. Be Happy with no pimples with this app.

4. Take Care of  Yourself

This app provides the easiest and DIY skin care tips. Open the app and check the type of help that your skin is looking for. From hair-splitting to toenails, you will find everything in this app. There are also homemade mask tips which are easy to make and keeps your skin healthy.

3. Skin Disease and Treatment

There are tons of skin disease and tons of solutions for it. But which solution is to be used and how to apply them is the bigger question. This app is just for that and it will really help to find a suitable cure for the skin problem that you are having. This will only help you but if there are other members in the family then it benefits them as well.

2. Nykaa

In this app, you will not only find the tips but also the beauty products. You can easily check which beauty product is essential for your skin and if needed you can purchase it. It also provides virtual assistant and keeps your skin healthy.

1. SkinVision

SkinVision is at top in our list of best skin care mobile apps. It is a smart skin cancer melanoma detection app that allows you to track progress of mole or any other skin conditions you are suffering from. Just hold the camera over a mole or skin condition and click a photo of it. App will analyse it and show you best possible suggestions. It also allows you to keep track of progress of your skin condition so that you can explain the whole process to your doctor. Read here to know how one lady deal with her cancerous mole using SkinVision App.

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