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3 Best FODMAP Mobile Apps for IBS Sufferers


If an individual suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, it is vital that they understand what are the foods which trigger the symptoms in the individual. Based on years of research, it has been shown that the most suitable way to reduce the symptoms of IBS is to take a diet that is low in FODMAPs. It is not easy to follow a low FODMAP diet by oneself individually and independently.

In this modern age of the internet, there are apps which support the individual in following a diet that is low in FODMAP. The following apps assist the individual efforts to make appropriate dietary changes.

Free and Paid FODMAP Mobile Apps


Monash Fodmap App

Created on the basis of the years of research, the Monash University has created a diet along with its corresponding app. Having brief background details on the FODMAPs, an elaborated food guide, with 79 original recipes as well as a shopping list is a part of the app. The app is extremely comprehensive as well as supportive.


  • The app is research based from the Monash University
  • The app helps the user to discover the food items which might trigger the symptoms of IBS.


  • This app is relatively more expensive at $12.99 as compared to the other related apps which are available, with some being available even for free.

FODMAP Friendly App

Fodmap Friendly App

Assisting an individual to easily find out the most suitable foods, the app has a list of many options, also adding the 50 foods which were not tested previously. In order to control the personal thresholds in a better way, the FODMAP levels are listed for each of the food items. The result is given in a PASS or Fail format. The FODMAP-friendly app has its own set of products which are even included on the app to encourage the users to buy them and consume them on a regular basis.


  • The app acts as an excellent reference guide
  • It helps the user in order to better understand which of the foods pass as well as which of the foods fails to fall into the low FODMAP diet.


  • The app lacks to give an advice to the user in terms of the usage of the listed food products.

The app comes at a cost of $2.99

Casa de Sante FODMAP

Casa de Sante FODMAP

This is a free app, which has almost everything that one can need. The app has in it a meal plan for more than 20 weeks of low-FODMAP, cooking videos, recipes as well as a number of shopping lists. Due to this, a user may get a complete control. Along with the above-said features, the app can track all the other details of the daily life of an individual, such as food, mood, number of bowel movements as well as sleep. There is also a feature to integrate the app with other fitness devices and software such as the Apple Health, Fitbit as well as Google Fit. This makes the real-life monitoring extremely hassle-free and simple.


  • The app is highly comprehensive as well as supportive,
  • It offers all of the information which is needed in order to stay on-track.
  • The app is available for free. Of cost


  • Since there are a variety of features in the app, it might take a while in order to get used to the app usage.


Thus it can be seen that there are a variety of FODMAP mobile apps which are available. Some are available for free while the others charge a fee for the same. These apps help to regulate the low FODMAP diet in order to cure the IBS problems of the individual.

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