5 Diet Hacks to Lose Weight After the Holidays

Weight gain during the holidays is very common. So many delicious foods and treats are conveniently served through various holiday seasons throughout the entire year. Whether it’s the trays of cookies in December or the barbecue array in July, holiday foods are so tempting. It’s hard to say no to such tasty offers, especially when food is paired with traditional celebrations. Most people indulge their cravings.

What happens after the holidays is what matters, though.

Once the holidays are over, the excuse for weight gain or plateauing is over. It is time to shed pounds again and get healthier. With these five diet hacks, you can lose weight after the holidays effectively.

Five Diet Hacks to Lose Weight After the Holidays

Diet Hack #1: Reduce Your Portion Size

Obviously eating less is an effective way to lose weight. However, counting calories can be tedious and starve yourself is unhealthy. A reasonable diet hack is simply to cut back on your portion sizes. Removing a third of your average serving every time you eat is usually effective.

However, it is important to think about what you eat. At the same time, your body needs to be able to remove some of the excess left in your body after eating more over the holidays. That’s why a high fiber diet is recommended.

Diet Hack #2: Set Small Goals

Trying to lose a ton of weight after the holidays is not reasonable for most people. The first goal you should have that is both healthy and achievable is to return to the weight you were before the holidays started.

This small goal can often be achieved within a few days or weeks using a high fiber detox diet, avoiding cravings and by using top diet pills.

To continue to lose weight beyond your pre-holiday weight, set short-term, small goals. Weekly resolutions are easier to maintain and meet than annual resolutions for instance.

A great example is to set the goal for week one post-holiday as a return to normal weight. The next week’s goal should be eating more of a healthy food. For the next week, make it a goal to develop an exercise habit.

Continue week by week until you have developed several healthy habits. At that point, losing weight will be a side effect that comes naturally. By the next holiday, you’ll have plenty of extra space for a little indulgence here and there.

Diet Hack #3: Detox Diet

Experts also recommend consuming a detox diet when you are trying to lose weight after the holidays. After eating so much in a short period, the stomach will have expanded to accommodate all that excess food. As a result, the stretch out stomach will not feel full as quickly. A detox diet features ingredients that make you feel full without filling your whole stomach with unhealthy or excessive food.

This eating plan is also a high fiber diet and includes plenty of nutrients to help your body shed pounds and restore a healthy balance to your digestive tract.

Typically, the diet is consumed for three days straight. At that point, the body should return to approximately your normal weight. If it doesn’t, it is recommended that you continue the diet for an additional six days.

Diet Hack #4: Beat Continued Cravings

One of the classic traditions post-holiday is to enjoy plenty of leftovers. Unfortunately, that often means eating unhealthily and gaining weight even after the holidays are over. Give leftovers away or turn them into ingredients for healthy meals. Meanwhile, beat the cravings you have for more fatty, sweet, and unhealthy foods like leftovers.

  • Some great ways to beat cravings:
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Replace the cravings with something else you enjoy
  • Have a healthy option to enjoy instead
  • Distract yourself with busy work

Why 10 minutes? Research suggests (1) that cravings only last for about 10 minutes at a time. If you can wait it out, the craving will often just go away on its own, leaving you free to make healthier choices more happily.

Diet Hack #5: Boost Your Weight Loss Efficiency

Some people find that, unfortunately, weight loss is just not easy for them. This most often affects people who were already overweight before the holidays and who are middle-aged or older.

In cases where weight loss is difficult for these reasons due to challenges like stubborn belly fat, it can be helpful to use a dietary aide.

For example, VivExilis is a diet pill that can help to beat even the most stubborn fat. Made out of natural, risk-free ingredients that boost the metabolism and diminish appetite, this diet pill is safe and useful. Use to enhance your weight loss process after the holidays so that you look and feel like new by the next major holiday and its tasty temptations.