Ugly Skin Diseases

5 Skin Diseases That Make You Look Ugly


The skin of the body is the outer protection or most likely the shell of the body. It keeps the body safe from many unwanted elements like chemicals, sunlight, cuts or any other similar thing. Still, due to many reasons, the skin gets infected either from inside or outside and results with a skin disease. Some of these diseases are really bad and it can make a person to look really ugly. There are numerous people around the world who are getting victimized by it.

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List of Top 5 Skin Diseases that can Make anyone Ugly

1. Acne Vilgaris

This skin disease is very common and mainly caused by blocking or inflammation of hair follicles as well as with sebaceous gland.

  • Symptoms: It can be characterized by the non-inflammation, nodules, closed or open comedones and inflammatory papules. It mainly occurs in the dense area of the skin like back, chest, and face. Another symptom of this is that a person will feel some pain or tenderness.
  • Treatment: For treatment, the patients are advised to use the Antibiotics, Acne product, Retinoid Agents and there are few others.

2. Psoriasis

This is one skin disease that can be persistent according to the condition of the skin. It’s caused through immunity system which becomes overactive.

  • Symptoms: Certain areas of skin like on scalp, upper body, elbows, and knees will render itchiness, plagues and un-comfort. Nail leaves the skin, thick in color and leaves the skin.
  • Treatment: The basic treatment is applied, oil-based medications, creams, shampoo, and ointments. Some of these products will need a note from a doctor but many of them are easy to buy.

3. Actinic Keratosis

This is caused by the growth of skin due to the premalignant condition. It can appear to be pinhead size small at one spot covering at least one inch of the skin from the surface. According to the color of the skin, the spot can appear red, tan or pink.

  • Symptoms: When the skin gets exposed to the sun then only this conditions occurs. The parts which are more effective are back of hands, ears, full head area and arms. The color of Actinic depends on the skin color of a person. It’s easy to understand the occurrence of these diseases. Just rub the fingers over the skin and if it’s there then it feels just like a sandpaper.
  • Treatment: The process of treatment depends on the type of Actinic Keratosis one is having. The types of treatments include Biopsy and Surgical removal, Photodynamic therapy, Dermabrasion, Cryosurgery, Chemotherapy, Chemical peel and Immunomodulator therapy.

4. Raised Mole

There are several moles on the body which is likely to be said as normal. However, if the mole grows to a bigger size and can be seen then it’s dangerous to the body. The raised mole can occur at any part of the body and has a weird look. Read our detailed guide on Mole for better understanding about this skin disease.

  • Symptoms: These moles give a burning sensation and are actually bigger in size. They are also hard to touch and render pain after being touch. The color also changes depending on the color of your skin.
  • Treatment: There are many chances that this raised mole can be Melanoma which is cancer. Visit the doctor early to checkup and the early the situations can be handled, the more beneficial it will be.

5. Molluscum Conatiosum

This is a contagious virus which is infectious to the chronic skin. It belongs to the family of pox virus and occurs as small wart bumps over the skin.

  • Symptoms: It occurs on the inner thighs, genitals, trunk, and face. When the bump occurs there is a small dimple shape in the center. It can be red in color and shrinks with time.
  • Treatment: There is not much treatment needed as this infection goes away with time. However, it can be removed by using the method of freezing or scraping.

In brief, we have listed only top 5 skin diseases that can harm your skin very badly if ignored for long time. Of course, there are so many more diseases are existing that can ruin your look. So, don’t take a chance and get immediate medical help if you find any kinds of symptoms mentioned above.

Hope you find this information useful, if yes then share your feedback in comments below and share it with your friends on social media as well. Look Good Forever!

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