Food Photography Techniques

5 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography Techniques


Photography of food is an incredibly fun and extremely simple to get into. All you require to shoot a nice dish is beginner camera and a tripod. If you want to click some really mouthwatering images for your recipe book or blog, I have compiled 5 straightforward approaches to enhance your food photography. Have a look:

1. Utilize a Window or Artificial Light

Mostly we take pictures of the food at tables. Pictures come out well if the room is being lit by a wide window. Natural light is always the best to capture images of food. In case, you can’t have natural light around then utilize an artificial light that you can easily find in your photography gear. Lighting plays an integral part in making pictures look extra ordinary.

2. Approach a Food Stylist

Everybody has their qualities and shortcomings and as picture takers, we can’t do everything impeccably. All top of the line photography is produced as a coordinated effort between a food stylist and a photographer. Make sure the dish you are capturing look its absolute best before you start clicking photos. Tiny details like an addition of coriander sometimes change the look of a freshly cooked meal.

3. Get Overhead

Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest have made this basic practice. In any case, holding an expert camera over a table is a considerably difficult than holding an iPhone over one. In the studio, I either remain on either side of the dish which is put on the floor, or I utilize a vast studio tripod. The most essential thing is to have the camera totally leveled.

4. Make Changes in the Background

A standout amongst other suggestions I can offer is that you work with different backgrounds. This will help you in making distinctive looks for your food photography. The food will look how it will look. You’re not going to have a great deal of control over the dish but you can enhance a food image by changing backgrounds.

Switching up table fabrics, plates, and cutting sheets are the great ideas, yet don’t stop there. I’ve utilized 16-inch clay floor tiles. You can utilize vintage trays. You can also add the main ingredients and spices of the food dish around it to make it look more interesting.

Experiment with colors and surfaces that complement the food.

5. Isolate the Food Dish and Use the Rule of Thirds

Once in a while, a food is sufficiently striking. Make an effort not to overcomplicate things if there is a striking picture in that spot before you.

Apply the rule of thirds while taking a food photo. This rule places grids in your viewfinder and helps you compose more balanced images. This is used for a wide range of photography—even food photography. Utilize this option in your camera for better compositions.

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