5 Ways Women are Using CBD to Battle PMS


PMS is short for Premenstrual Syndrome, and it’s estimated that it affects approximately 85% percent of women (specifically in childbearing age, which varies between women); PMS strikes right before menstruation, and its symptoms can include bloating, tiredness, pain in the breasts, water retention, abdominal pain, insomnia, changes in appetite and mood swings or depression. Most women know that it’s not pleasant: And chocolate, painkillers and wine only go so far as a treatment option!

PMS happens to the body, more or less, before the active bleeding phase of the period begins. Its characteristic symptoms are all symptoms which are triggered by the active hormone changes which accompany your period.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done – and there isn’t one single pill which can be prescribed to take that will sort out all of these issues at once. Or is there? CBD might be the answer here.

CBD for PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Traditional PMS Treatments

The symptoms of PMS are generally alleviated with the use of heat application (hot water bottles and heat compresses; some women will swear by it); warm baths can also help to relieve swelling and pain. Treating the symptoms when they occur are usually treated with over the counter painkillers – though for many women, they are highly ineffective in treating the pain and the discomfort returns the moment the painkillers wear off, if they work at all. For more information check out ma CBD cannabis oil products

1. Direct Application of CBD Oil

CBD oil is an extremely versatile product: It can treat several of the symptoms associated with PMS, including mood swings and pain. Especially for the cramps and swelling that strikes with PMS, CBD can offer relief over several symptoms at once – especially when directly applied to the abdomen; your dosage can be added to a base of, for example, aqueous cream to make application easier to dose and control.

2. CBD Oil in a Warm Bath

Most women know the almost immediate relief a warm bath can bring to cramping; you can also add some essential oils like lavender to your bath to aid in relaxation. You can also add CBD oil to your warm bath and let it absorb and take care of the aches.

3. CBD Edibles at Home

CBD oil can also be added to edibles at home: This includes to your favorite chocolate cake or stew. Things like individual cupcakes or brownies tend to be easier – that way you know exactly how much you’ve put in a single serving. Yes, you can have your cake and enjoy it!

4. CBD Products to Purchase

Besides oil, many CBD-containing products can be purchased over the internet or at a dispensary: These include creams, extracts and other edibles, which can include candy bars and chocolates. You should ensure that you buy a high-quality product that other users can vouch for and something that has been clinically tested and verified: There are many knock-off products that aren’t what they claim and contain almost no CBD. Buy only recommended hemp oil and CBD products.

 5. Other CBD Products

Many other CBD products are available beyond edibles and oils for offering some relief when the PMS hits. For one, women now have the option of buying cannabis-infused tampons which offer some safe, dosed relief for cramps and pain from the inside. Extracted CBD capsules can also now be purchased with relative ease over the internet. And why shouldn’t you? It’s about time that you make use of the incredible healing powers of CBD; research shows more and more benefits of its use.

Note: We recommend to get your doctor’s advise before the use of CBD products to avoid any side effects.

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