Yoga Poses for Back Pain

5 Yoga Poses That Work Best for Back Pain


Painful back pain can prevent you from performing day to day activities. Thus, you need to find something that relieve your backache instantly and effectively. This article will help you to find out the best 5 yoga poses for back pain.

Yoga Has The Solution

Yoga is an ancient medical science gaining more popularity worldwide due to of its ability to keep the body and mind fit and healthy in a natural way. The best thing about this practice is that it is natural, cost effective in compare to modern medications and you can perform it anywhere, anytime.

There are certain yoga poses that work well for back pain caused by below triggers;

  • Tensed Muscles
  • Strained Ligaments
  • Lifting Heavy Things Improperly
  • Awkward Movement
  • Sitting and Standing for Long Time

Do these simple five yoga poses to alleviate your backache immediately;

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Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain

1) Bow Pose

Bow Pose

If you look this posture closely, you will get an idea why this is called “bow pose”. It looks like an archer’s bow, you can imagine torso and legs as the body of the bow and arms as its string.

Bow pose work well for back pain because it stretches your back including arms, thighs, neck and legs effectively. Besides it, bow pose work well for constipation, anxiety, menstrual discomfort and fatigue.

However, people diagnosed with blood pressure, heart disease, hernia, appendicitis, sever back injury should avoid this yoga posture.

2) Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose yoga is another natural way to get rid of pain in spine. It is very simple to do and can be performed anywhere.

It helps in relieving back pain, work well for stress and mild depression, rejuvenates tired legs, and improves digestion. Besides it, it cures anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache, and insomnia.

However, neck is the main key role playing organ in bridge pose and thus people having severe neck injury should avoid this yoga pose.

3) Camel Pose

Camel Pose

Beginners might face difficulty in touching their hands to feet. But that doesn’t mean to give up on it. Keep practicing it and you will learn how to do this camel pose more successfully.

It stretches back muscles, abdominal parts, neck, shoulders and thighs. Thus, it improves posture, strengthen back muscles and excites abdominal and neck organs.

If you find difficulty in performing camel yoga pose then you can make little modifications in your practice by using wall as prop.

Have you been diagnosed with severe neck or back injury? Then you should not practice it.

4) Cat Pose

Cat Pose

It is very simple and sober pose that includes less efforts and more benefits. It should be performed with balanced inhale and exhale of breathing.

Cat pose mainly stretch your back and neck that provides temperate massage to spin and belly organs.

The best thing about this cat pose is that, it can be practiced even by people having neck injury. Just make sure that you keep your neck in line with the back torso.

5) Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

Cow Pose

The posture of cow pose mainly targets spines, bally organs, shoulders and neck muscles. It is very simple yoga pose which can be performed by anyone anywhere.

People with neck injury should make sure that they keep their head in line with torso to avoid any kind of damage to your neck.

Anyone can get tones of health benefits by doing this simple yet effective cow pose yoga such as; it improves posture, it relieves stress, it increases blood circulation in the body by providing gentle massage to internal organs, it relieves stress in back and tones it and list goes on.

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