7 Amazing Exercise Ideas for Individuals of Every Age


Age is just a number! Yes, this is true, it is just a number. There are certain exercises for you that you can perform at any age and stay fit not just physically but mentally as well. No matter how old you are, remaining healthy and fit is something you should consider a priority. It must be the first and the last thing on your mind.

Here is a rundown of seven of the best exercises that can be performed by individuals of every age group so for all the people who prefer not going to the gym due to any issue can simply add these exercises to their routine. Have a look at them:

Idea 1 – Remember the Basics

The essential exercise from all others is a walk. It is probably the easiest and requires minimal effort. You just have to take out some time from the daily schedule for a regular walk. If you are too busy all day, you can just go for a walk in the morning. It comes with countless hidden benefits. If you are young, it is going to increase your workout stamina, and if you are an older adult, it will keep you safe from all sorts of blood pressure issues and problems like high cholesterol. It is even great for the diabetic patients.

Idea 2 – Crunches

‘Crunches’ is one of the core exercises for an ab workout. It is quite simple to perform; you have to lie on your back on a rug with your knees bent and place your hands behind your head, then squeeze your shoulder blades together without moving your back. Also, you have to maintain your elbow position. It is a fantastic exercise for people who need a flatter stomach and a better posture.

Idea 3 – Pushups

‘Pushups’ is another great exercise that you should adopt. It is an exercise that plays a vital role in strength training. You don’t really need any equipment for this; all you need is an exercise mat. It works amazingly well for the chest muscles and helps to strengthen the arms and is quite beneficial in building the triceps and biceps. It is one way you can reduce the stress on your shoulder joints. Start with ten pushups daily and eventually increase the time and number of pushups.

Idea 4 – Squats

‘Squats’ is generally known as the best exercise for the beginners. It is probably the most comfortable exercise from the lot. It involves an intense workout for the legs, thighs and hip area. For this, you can take help of our hack squat machine guide. Using the perfect equipment can help you achieve better results in less than no time. It will help you build your leg muscles and will make your hamstrings stronger, adding power in glutes. This exercise stimulates the hormone that is responsible for muscle building and with proper muscle building; you can maintain proper body weight.

Idea 5 – Swimming

Let’s combine fun and exercise together. Swimming is definitely a fun activity that is meant for individuals of all age groups; it is even considered safe for pregnant women. It involves workout of arms and legs, and that’s how it improves the posture and strengthens the body. Swimming helps in keeping the heart rate up as well as reduces the physical stress. It is very beneficial in building the endurance, strength in the muscles and also helps with cardiovascular fitness.

If you are weight conscious, this is the best exercise for you as it can help you maintain the body weight at a very healthy level. Swimming pools have a lot of weight-bearing properties, and this is the reason it serves quite well for overweight people. Also, there is no risk of injury.

Idea 6 – Meditation

Here is a natural way of exercise that does not really need any equipment or even a proper space. Meditation brings along a number of benefits that include muscle strength and weight reduction. Along with this, it increases flexibility and improves the rate of respiration.

There are certain poses of meditation; you can choose the one that you can perform conveniently. Most of these poses include stretching and exercises like deep breathing and all. Meditation also helps in maintaining a great rate of metabolism, which means better body functioning. Some people claim that meditation is as beneficial as aerobic exercise in improving the general health.

Idea 7 – Planking

Last but not the least, planking is another exercise that is very simple to perform and can be quickly learned. It is even great for the newbies who are new to the world of fitness. It is the best option for serving the abdominal muscles of the body. Regular planks can increase your ability to lift more massive objects, and it can improve your sports performance especially with jumping. It is also going to help you in developing the posture, and a good posture means that your spine is the correct position.

Besides these, bouncing on trampoline as a cardio exercise would also be a fun exercise. These are all simple exercises and can be performed by everyone out there. Stay safe!

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