7 Incredible Benefits of Powdered Peanut Butter

Benefits of Powdered Peanut Butter

Nowadays, a lot of original foods are replaced by their delicious and healthy substitutes. One of such delectable food items is the powdered peanut butter derived from the classic peanut butter.

PB2 or powdered peanut butter is prepared by pressing out the natural oils from the roasted peanuts. The nuts are then ground into powder form and used for edible purposes.

Peanut butter in the powdered form has many health benefits and is a nutritious solution for peanut butter lovers. From the taste to its nutritional value, pb2 offers ample benefits when compared to its traditional butter form.

Let’s check out some major health benefits of powdered peanut butter.

Benefits of Powdered Peanut Butter you Probably Don’t Know

1. Improves Metabolism and Muscle Growth

Just as the nutritious peanuts, its powdered butter form also consists of plentiful protein and fiber. It is enriched with the goodness of fiber that improves metabolism and digestion. Protein in the butter improves muscle growth and boosts energy.

It contains a higher amount of protein than nuts and the other alternatives and thus, people looking forward to consume more protein and high fiber foods should take it up.

2. Low in Calories

For the people who are looking for a low calorie substitute for butter, powdered peanut butter comes as a boon for them.

It is true that it comes with lesser calories and cholesterol content compared to the conventional peanut butter. As per the studies, pb2 consists of 66% lesser calories and 75% less fat than peanut butter.

So simply you have a nutritious and more delicious butter substitute that won’t make your belly puffy.

For the people struggling to lose weight, this is a very helpful ingredient that can be used to top some healthy snacks.  2 tablespoons Pb2 consists of just 45 calories which is quite low compared to the whopping 190 calories in the peanut butter. You can reduce your calorie intake by replacing your high calorie add-ons with pb2 and boost your appetite.

3. Heart Friendly Ingredient

People who live a healthy lifestyle and are willing to grab more protein and reduce foods with high fat content should consider eating powdered peanut butter.

Also, the people suffering from heart issues and obesity can consider replacing pb2 with their regular butter as pb2 has just 1.5 grams of fat compared to 2 tablespoons of 16 grams peanut butter.

This is a better version of butter in a healthy way as it will reduce your risk of getting obese, of suffering from heart issues and hypertension.

4. You can Store PB2 for a Longer Period

Powdered peanut butter has a comparatively long shelf life which means you can use this heavenly tasting butter for a longer period.

This is a perfect storage food for occasions like picnics and outdoor adventures. You can carry this amazing butter in a plastic zip bag and spread it on any snack you want to grab. It is available in the powder form and thus, you simply need to add water, knead and prepare the butter for best taste.

The best part, it doesn’t spoil so quickly and tastes delicious during heat and cold.

5. Keep You Full for Long Time

One of the benefits of using powdered peanut butter is you will feel fuller and satisfied after consuming it. This amazing butter replacement consists of healthy nutrients like protein and fiber that makes you feel fuller in a healthy way. This directly means that your calorie intake will get reduced and you won’t have to starve yourself while on a healthy diet.

Also, the unsaturated fats in pb2 might help you burn more calories and stay healthy. Some companies provide pb2 made with vegetable fats and this makes it a better butter for your belly.

6. Tastes Delicious and Yummy

A lot of people believe that this transformation of peanut butter might take away the original taste of the butter. However, the best part about pb2 is its enriched and fulfilling taste.  Pb2 comes with added salt and sugar and also gives a creamy flavour. Low amount of salts and sugar are added to maintain its caloric content and nutritional value.

Apart from this, it comes in different flavours like chocolate flavour for a surprising twist in taste. There are sugar-free versions also available for those who want to cut sugar completely from their meals.

7. You can Make Plenty of Recipes

PB2 recipes are spread all over the internet nowadays because this healthy variation can make any snack or food taste delicious.

You can also use it to give some instant flavour and richness to different dishes while maintaining the healthy factor of the dish. People use it as an add-on on oatmeal, it can be consumed with popcorns, with toasts, meat, etc. Many people are also using it as a dip or as a flavoured sauce and can make your food mouth watering.

Some of the tastiest pb2 recipes include pb2 almond milk oatmeal, pb2 dark chocolate banana smoothie, pb2 cinnamon oatmeal cookies, pb2 Greek yogurt, pb2 banana muffins pancakes etc.

It is a highly nutritious, healthy and low calorie replacement for peanut butter that has created a buzz all around the world. It is not only a good option for people on low calorie diet but is good for overall body health. Its rich and creamy taste and its power pack nutritional value makes it one of the healthiest butter options.

If you are not much into eating nuts and healthy foods, you can use PB2 as a healthy creamy topping for your snacks and treat your body with some important nutrients.

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