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7 Things All Gym Goers Should Keep in Mind


Are you going to the gym on a regular basis or just joined it? Read this article to know what mistakes you should avoid during your workout at gym.

It helps you to get more health benefits of gyming.

Before we start, let’s first have a look at some interesting fact;

According to Statista, in 2016 US fitness centers had got a total membership of 57.25 million. Check below snapshot to understand how these numbers increased from 2000-2016.

USA Fitness Centers Membership Statistics

Now, you can understand that how people are getting aware about the benefits of workout at gym.

But the question is that all people are doing exercises correctly at the gym?

No, not at all! Check this video to know how people are doing funny mistakes in gym;

I am sure that you don’t want to be a part of such stupid moments at gym. If yes, then here are seven things you can take into consideration when you hit the gym.

Seven Things to Keep in Mind for All Workoutholics

1. Avoid Make-Up at Gym

Wearing makup during exercising is a big no-no. It’s not only make your efforts of shedding some pounds go in vain but also make you look horrible.

During workout you sweat more which makes your makup melt off your face, causing unhealthy mixture of sweat, oil, makeup, bacteria and whatnot.

It clogs the pores and prevents them from releasing toxins from skin and your face looks oily and dull.

So avoid makeup at gym and let your skin glow naturally.

2. Don’t Give All Attention to Pointless Cardio

It might be possible that your fitness instructor is not well educated about muscle functions as other certified fitness experts.

This is the reason that sometimes you will get instruction to spend more time on treadmill from such instructors, which is pointless and rookie mistake.

It does not help you in any way and put more pressure on your lower body making your joints stiff.

Diversification of your entire workout schedule would be the great and healthy option to get most of your gyming efforts.

So, don’t just keep running on treadmill but also do some stretching exercises as well.

3. Keep Protein Rich Food or Drink With You

Don’t shy in keeping a bottle of protein rich food or drink with you in gym. It makes you keep going and provide require fuel to your body.

Proteins, in case you don’t know have a vital role in muscles building. Thus, protein rich diet is very necessary for all who do regular gym.

Lack of protein in your diet will prevent you from getting abs and toned body.

So, get help from your fitness expert to know more about protein rich powders and drinks that you can keep with you in gym.

4. Chart Your Meal Timings

What you eat before and after gym matters a lot.

Working out after having a big meal is a huge mistake. Almost two three hours gap between meal and workout would be the best for effective results.

Did you know that your body cannot metabolise proteins easily? That is why, it is always good practice to not eat protein rich food before workout.

In addition to that, consuming carbs before workout is ideal.

On the other hand, eating sugar or starch after working out will make it meaningless.

Thus, it is great idea to chart your meal for better results.

Here are the best sources to know what to eat before gym and what to eat after gym.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Many novices do not give appropriate attention to this crucial aspect of working out.

Intense gym workout can make you sweat more which results into dehydration. If it is ignored then it can cause muscle cramps, pain in joints and tiredness.

Thus, it is very important to balance the proportion of electrolytes in your body by having sip of ORS or water throughout the day.

Keep yourself hydrated and your skin will thank you for it.

6. Do not Eat Fast Food Regularly

Usually we see many gym goers who are used to eat almost everything with a thought having in mind that they can burn it off at gym.

This is absolutely wrong perception. If you don’t know, exercise plays 20% and diet plays 80% role in keeping yourself fit. Well, I don’t mean crash diet by this.

But munching pizzas and burgers all the time is not going to work.

Just because you are working out daily doesn’t mean that you can keep binging on fast foods.

It do nothing but damaging your workout goals.

7. Don’t Overdo it

Hitting the gym seven days a week is not a good idea.

Spend three to four days for gym and let your body relax for rest of the days.

In this way your body finds way to stay hydrated, gets time to recover and to repair muscles.

So. Never overdo gym workout with a thought of making muscular body in a single day.

In brief, going to gym is a healthy idea to keep your body fit and in shape, but considering some common things like mentioned above can make it even healthier and enjoyable.

Do you have some more ideas on this topic or suggestions? Don’t hesitate and share with us in comment box below. If you like this information, then share it on social media as well.

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