Healthy Nails

8 Tips for a Strong & Healthy Nails


Nails are considered to be the best beauty accessories in your body. Nails are simply made up of a protein named keratin which also forms the hair in an individual. The epidermal cells at the nail root stiffen and become flat to grow as nails.

Caring your nails is not very hard and it is also not a time-consuming process. It’s more than enough if you clean your nails eventually and that habit shall protect your nails from microbes.

Usage of hand sanitizers and soaps to keep your hand clean is necessary to maintain healthy and strong nails. Folks should pay more focus and effort to the health rather than coloring your nails with unhealthy chemicals. Biotin is a water-soluble B complex vitamin which supports the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose.

This biotin is highly responsible for strengthening the keratin, the protein which forms the nails and hairs. Individuals who suffer from chronic nails problems, have decreased content of biotin in their body and so to have healthy nails it is necessary to have adequate biotin supplement to your body.

Now let us discuss briefly some useful tips which shall be helpful to anyone to care about their nails without giving up manicuring their nails.

Effective Tips to Get Healthy Nails

Avoid Chemicals

Initially, people don’t tend to care about the chemicals used in the product on a nail polish instead they get mesmerized by the deep color of the nail polish. Eventually, these chemicals shall ruin the outer layer of the nail and cause it to dry intensely leading to some diseases like conjunctivitis, dermatitis etc.

Before buying any nail product, check whether it is labeled “5 free” which indirectly tells the user that the product is free from chemicals like formaldehyde, resins, toluene, diphenyl phthalates, and camphor which are chemicals that can cause a high health risk to your nails.

Moreover, soaps dishwashers, shampoos, detergents also contain concentrated chemicals which can make your nails brittle and weak.

Remember, these items are used to clean the rough strains in your home but your nails are not rough shields to withstand the reaction of all these chemicals. Hence, it is crucial for anyone to gloves before getting involved in any kind of these activities.

Nail Polishing

Nail polishing is an art of crafting your nails. Of course, it makes your nail to be deprived of strength and health. Usually, a base coat is provided over the nail, which acts as a good binder between the nail and the polish. Also, the base coat intensifies the color of the polish which you lay over the base coat. Without the base coat, the repeated polishes shall affect the surface of the nail and result in the yellowing of nails. Also, base coats which are made up of formaldehyde and toluene should be avoided as they harden on the nail. These hardened nails get easily cracked and if you have not encountered such problem be happy that luck favors you.

Also, before polishing your nails, cut them in proper shape and use quality nail clippers as most of the nail clippers out there made of materials which will cause infection.

Take a Break

Once you have applied a nail polish it shall corrode the top layer of the nail in various degrees. Along with the hardened base coat, the nails shall also become hard and brittle. So, once your scraps off your nail polish make sure that you leave your nail without any decorations for at least a week. This time gap shall allow your body to rebuild the worn nails with a natural gloss. You can go for a new coat of the nail polish only if your nail has got such a natural gloss.

Otherwise, it means you are getting close to health issues regarding your nail.

Use Moisturizer

Moisturizing is the procedure which is very much important for a person wearing nail polish in order to keep his nails healthy. The base coat and the nail polish which you have used shall have damaged your nail to a great extent leaving back, scraps, patches, and rough surfaces. Moisturizer is the exact solution which can be used to hydrate your nails and keep it safe. The dryness caused by the chemicals shall be easily overcome by hydrating your hands frequently. Natural oils like almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil etc can also serve to be excellent moisturizers.

Protect Your Cuticles

Most of the nail artists cut your cuticles at the base of your nail for the sake of enhanced look of your nail. Doing so shall prove to be totally absurd. Cuticles serve as a good barrier to the entry of microbes and pathogens inside your body. If you cut your cuticles, just for the cause of beauty, then you shall face severe health consequences like dermatitis, cellulitis, athlete’s foot, scabies, viral infections, etc. which are caused are infections. Aggravations of the infections shall also cause you to lose your fingers. Hence, it is recommended to avoid cutting the cuticles while doing any nail art.

Avoid Acetone

Acetones are flammable organic compounds which are used as nail polish remover, super glue removers, stain removers, and also used by makeup artists. These acetones are widely used throughout the world to remove the nail polishes which also weakens your nail and makes them brittle.

So, due to the prolonged usage of acetone, there is a huge possibility for your nail to break. Hence, instead of relying on such chemical products try to get some herbal products to remove your nail polish. Moisturizing your nail after peeling your nail polish is also mandatory which allows your nail to soothe and breathe well with the natural exposure.

Organic Solution

Usage of chemicals shall have rendered your nail with various fungal, viral and bacterial infections which leads to diseases like paronychia which is characterized by the reddening of the skin around the nails. Only after getting vulnerable to such a disease nail art enthusiasts shall stop painting their nails.

To overcome such nail issues, the extract of a lemon shall be very helpful to anyone who suffers paronychia. Also, extracts of an organic shrub called Egyptian privet can also give color to your nail which is an effective and safe replacement for the chemical nail polishes. Commercially, a paste called henna obtained from this shrub has been widely used in countries like Africa, southern Asia and Australia to color their nails.


Along with the fingernails, the toenails also need to be protected from various infections and ruins. Mostly, males are highly vulnerable to the damage of the toenails rather than females, not because of the nail polishes but out of manly eagerness. The jump, run, lift, skate, and kick anywhere they like and finally end up badly. Protection to the toenails of the males can be provided by a worthy and strong shoe. Folks should be careful while playing football and see that they don’t hit the ball with their fingers which can harm their nails and fingers in the toe.

Also after wearing your shoes throughout the working hours of a day, it is more crucial to wash your socks and ventilate your shoes. This practice shall immune you from various bacterial and fungal infections thereby protecting your toes and nails. Moreover, high heel woman enthusiasts should also be careful while walking over abnormal landscapes which shall make you stumble and affect your toes and toenails badly.

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