About Us

DishforDiet.com is a growing diet and fitness blog bringing new possibilities for those who are looking to get in shape and stay fit.

Our aim is to bring innovative ways that help our audience to stay hale and hearty.

To accomplish our goal to being a part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle, we constantly strive to share some effective diet tips and fitness ideas. All information we publish is an outcome of our intense research and passion.

Besides it, we also provide a platform for diet and fitness professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with our users.

We at DishforDiet.com taking one step ahead to bring a promising healthy future for our readers by sharing valuable and well-researched diet and workout plans designed by registered and certified health professionals.

Stay tuned with us to stay fit and fine.

Our Team

NykNikul Patel (Head of the Blog)

Nikul Patel is an experienced blogger by profession and Fitness enthusiasts by passion. At the early age of 18, he got inspired by words from Plato –

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being

and this is how his passion for fit life begun and in 2015 he started his own diet and fitness blog. Subscribe his blog to find a reason why you should stay active and fit. Stay Hale and Hearty!


Deepika TelangDeepika Telang (Chief Content Editor)

Bachelors in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Deepika Telang is a freelance medical content writer, a nutritionist, fitness enthusiast, Title holder of Mrs. India Dazzling Diva and a part-time model.

Her 6 years of writing experience provides her expertise in the field of medical, health and nutrition. She completely believes that a fit and healthy body is the best fashion statement.