Aerial Yoga – Why You Should Give it a Try

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a revolutionary and an advanced form of traditional yoga poses. It makes you hanging in the air with the support of fabric hammock. Hammock is a soft fabric looks like a scarf and made of a high density nylon material that can bear over 2000 pounds. This new form of yoga will help you to experience the power, excitement, and pure joy of moving into the air.

However, we advise to perform this yoga form with your aerial yoga expert to avoid any kind of injury.

How Can One Do an Aerial Yoga?

Actually aerial technique was developed for gymnasts and acrobats, which has been modified to suit even for a wider group of participants. It provides an opportunity to do traditional yoga poses in a better way that can improve your body flexibility and sustainability.

The entire practice of it has to be done into the fabric hammock. The performer should sit into the hammock which is tied with the two hooks attached to the ceiling. There are so many different yoga poses you can perform in hammock such as standing and sitting poses, inversions, balancing postures and meditations.

As all exercises will be done into the air, we advise to take more precautions otherwise it may bang you with the floor.

Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga

There are so many health benefits of this modified yoga form, let’s talk some of them here…

Bring Greater Flexibility

With aerial yoga, you have space to move your body in so many different positions that can result in the deeper stretch than typical yoga poses. However, strictly follow up of your advisers can help you to get far better adaptability of the body than before.

Increase Concentration

During aerial yoga practice, you are used to being up in the air that makes you even more alert and aware of your surroundings. It makes yourself fall into more challenging situations that increase the self-awareness and make you more concentrated than before.

Stronger Muscles

It’s an anti-gravity form of yoga in which gravity is working harder on your body that makes your muscles work even harder than usual. However, aerial yoga is a fun to do but require more muscles to balance and stabilize your posture which strengthened your muscles like any other core workout.

Give Relief to Stress

Do you believe or not, but doing something exciting and adventurous always make you happy and feel better. As aerial yoga is a totally new and revamped form of traditional yoga poses, the regular practice of it gives a sense of excitement that relieve your stress. The practice of inversions increase the blood flow towards your brain and release the stress instantly.

In brief, the excitement involved in the aerial yoga is attracting more and more people all around the world. It is worth to give a try to this new form yoga for greater flexibility.

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