11 Healthy and Tasty Alternatives to Peanut Butter

Alternatives to Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is the ultimate king of butters for many people, but it is still not consumed by a lot of people due to different reasons.

Some people consider it high-calorie butter while some people suffer from peanut allergies and thus avoid consuming peanut butter. There are some diet trends that suggest eating peanut butter especially when it can be replaced with other healthy options.

The delicious and creamy taste of peanut butter is quite unmatchable but there are some healthy and yummy alternatives you can use for making your smoothies and snacks more tempting.

Especially, if you are bothered by the calorie content and health risks of peanut butter, here are some surprising and wholesome alternatives you can try:

Healthy Alternatives to Peanut Butter

1) Apple Butter

Not all the butter variations are filled with calories and fat content. Especially the apple butter is one of the nourishing and healthful butter options you can try. It is a butter alternative that exactly feels like butter when you are spreading it over your toast or are using it for preparing delicious smoothies.

Compared to the peanut butter or any regular butter it has a negligible amount of fat and cholesterol. Also, this rich butter is sweet and mouthwatering in taste.

So if you are tempted to spread some yummy creamy butter on your warm toast, choose apple butter as a satisfying and healthy peanut butter alternative.

2) Almond Butter

Why not snack on a highly healthy and nutritious butter if you are finally replacing your favorite peanut butter?

If you are replacing for health related reasons, the best choice is to consume almond butter. Almonds are loaded with fiber, protein, and healthy fats and ample of nutrients that are necessary for our body.

This nut butter is a healthy option for your heart as it has more monosaturated fat than peanut butter and the almonds used in preparing the butter are finely roasted. It is a delicious alternative of peanut butter especially when you are willing to use it for baking foods.

3) Cashew Nut Butter

Cashews are the healthy and nourishing nuts that provide multiple nutrients to our body and are a promising alternative to peanut butter.

Cashews are filled with the goodness of protein, phosphorous, iron, folate, magnesium etc. these nutrients are extremely good for our heart and immunity. It has considerably low fat levels than the other nut butters and is widely used for preparing baked foods, curries, sauces and more. This is a sweet tasting and multi-nutrient peanut butter variation you can choose.

4) Coconut Butter

The taste of coconut butter is highly addictive and tasty. This amazing butter offers 2 grams fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, amino acids, and magnesium.

It might not taste like the peanut butter but its rich unique taste is its appealing factor. You can use coconut butter as a spread on your toasts and can also use it in your tasty desserts.

This amazing butter is a heart supporting butter that boosts immunity and metabolism.

5) Pumpkin Seed Butter

If you are allergic to nuts and need a tasty and healthy replacement, you can choose pumpkin seed butter as your wonder topping for snacks.

Pumpkin seeds offer wholesome goodness of minerals and nutrients like zinc, phosphorous, omega 3-fatty acids, fiber, protein etc that can improve the functioning of your body in different ways.

Pumpkin seed butter can be consumed with fresh vegetables, soups, smoothies, stews etc for enriching the taste of different recipes.

6) Sunflower Seed Butter

It is a fact that sunflower seeds do not offer much omega 3 fatty acids but it is still a healthy alternative to peanut butter due to its rich nutritional value. Sunflower seed butter is enriched with magnesium and antioxidants that boost immunity and helps in fighting diseases. It also offers omega 6 fatty acids, protein, and other nutrients along with mouthwatering taste.

The texture, consistency, and creaminess of sunflower seed butter are same as the peanut butter while the taste is perfectly delicious.

7) Hazelnut Butter

If you love hazelnuts, this is a butter variation you should try, not only because you are looking for a healthier version, but because this delicious butter can make all the recipes become more exciting.

A lot of people think that hazelnut butter is not that healthy compared to other butter options but surprisingly, this amazing butter is filled with fiber, protein and Vitamin E. this amazing butter also offers copper, manganese and omega 6 fatty acids.

Use this delectable butter replacement while making pastas, toasts, smoothies and keep your foods loaded with protein.

8) Pistachio Butter

Pistachios are delicious and power packed with some amazing nutrients. This amazing butter consists of 180 calories, 6g protein, and omega 6 fatty acids.

Apart from this, pistachio butter also is filled with fiber, potassium, and antioxidants. Pistachio butter can lower cholesterol in your body and boost immunity. You can also combine almonds and pistachio butter for better taste.

9) Sesame Seed Butter

There are ample of seeds loaded with some essential nutrients we need in our day to day life. One of these amazing seeds options are the sesame seeds. The sesame seed butter can be used as a peanut butter replacement as it offers omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin B1, fiber, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron etc.

Grab some sesame seed butter with fresh fruits and make your meals more nutritive.

10) Brazil Nut Butter

Brazil nuts are delicious and consist of plentiful of nutrients. 75% of the fat content in this butter is monosaturated fat which is good for the heart.

Brazil nut butter is a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin A, riboflavin, potassium, copper etc. also it will serve you will 2-gram fiber per serving. If you crave the yummy and creamy nut butter, then replace your conventional peanut butter with the Brazil nut butter and this will make your heart stronger and digestion better.

11) Powdered Peanut Butter

Besides above all, powdered peanut butter (pb2) used more in different recipes due to of its nutty flavour. It is highly used by health conscious people because it contains very less fat and oil.

Actually, it contains only 1.5 grams of fat. Thus, it should be a very good alternative to traditional peanut butter.


If you are looking for some healthy alternatives to peanut butter, the aforementioned options are the best choices you can consider. Along with the richness of nutrients, these alternatives also offer a rich and mouth-watering taste that will make you forget peanut butter for all the better reasons!

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