Anna Kournikova Diet and Workout Plan to Stay in Shape

Anna Kournikova Diet and Workout Plan

Check out Anna Kournikova diet and workout plan to know how she keeps her in shape. First thing she do to stay fit is not eating everything she wants. She has shared her eating habits on her website’s forum and said –

All in moderation. I try to eat a balanced diet but do not deprive myself of the occasional splurge. I like plain Corn Flakes. My favorite meal really depends on what mood I am in but over all I could eat pizza anytime.

– Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova, the former tennis sensation has always had a legendary status in tennis. She is in her late 30’s with her twin bundle of joy – son Nicholas and daughter Lucy and with her long-time love Enrique Iglesias.

Being a mother of two, she keeps surprising her fans on social media with her flat abs and super-toned figure. Immediately after she delivered her babies, within a month, she posted her workout videos where she looked absolutely in shape.

Though her retirement from professional tennis was long back in 2003, this sultry bombshell never detached her from fitness. She even joined fitness club to contribute to the world with her experiences and passionate nature about staying fit.

Anna Kournikova’s healthy diet-plans and workout regimes are inspirational for many to follow. If you want to achieve a perfectly squared abs like this Russian beauty, then feel determined to never skip your exercise routines or your healthy eating habits.

What is the Real Secret Behind Her Admirable Physique?

Unhealthy eating habits are common with people during the rush hours. We tend to pop something in when stressed or in a hurry. And that food is mostly junk and bad food decisions that we make.

Anna Kournikova suggests going for meal prepping so that you remain in the healthy zone. The mom-of-two also revealed that she feels an urge for working out, stretching, sweating and running.

Her secret to stay healthy remain in the fact that she believes in staying happy, energetic, and to feel good so that she can add years to her life.

Anna Kournikova Diet Plan

This will amaze you that the stunning tennis star doesn’t restrict herself with strict diet; instead she loves to pamper her body and fulfil her desires by eating all kinds of food.

One thing she makes sure to include in her diet – nutritious wholesome food. But the eating habit should be in small quantities and in regular intervals. Her daily regime includes variety of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats.

At times, she even allows binge eating only to satisfy her soul. But her daily workout routine helps to adjust those extra calories.

Anna Kournikova’s Diet for a Day

  • Breakfast – Her breakfast varies between oatmeal, soymilk, berries with yogurt etc.
  • Lunch – She prefers salmon, sushi or grilled chicken etc. during lunch.
  • Dinner – She likes to have mixed salad, tuna, shrimp tempura etc. for dinner.

In between these heavy meals, she loves snacking with avocados, banana, pineapple, grapefruit etc.

Keeping a simple diet with necessary nutrients is the key secret to her astonishing figure.

Anna Kournikova Workout (Fitness) Regime

As how Anna loves to eat, her passion for workout is double that intensity. So definitely, you can call her a fitness freak as seldom she fails to complete her workout sessions.

Few salient features of Anna Kournikova fitness

1. Sleep

Anna Kournikova gives importance to sleep an extra hour as it benefits your body. She insists on doing little deals with yourselves so that you can do that extra workout the very next day.

She takes one day off every week mandatorily for rest and rejuvenation. She even takes eight to nine hours of sound sleep every night.

2. Running

Anna grew up in Soviet Union where there was no treadmill or gym. So she loves to put on her sports shoes and start running for one hour for four days in a week.

You can even add a 10 minutes jump-a-rope session along with it.

3. Regular Exercise

Anna Kornikova made it a habit to not to skip exercises and begins her day with workouts.

An intense and rigorous exercise makes her feel relaxed and overwhelmed. Her principle is to do multiple and varied form of exercises.

Few routine ones in Anna Kournikova daily exercises are:

  • Cardio workouts
  • Stair master
  • Planks
  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Stability ball

4. Water Aerobics

The sizzling beauty is a water sports lover. Water aerobics are her all-time favourites along with thrilling water sports on the beach. She enjoys every moment of it.

Healthy Recommendation

Being Anna Kournikova fan, you should follow the fitness regimes strictly but allow yourself to have all kinds of healthy and wholesome food.

Try to keep fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts etc. that are high in fiber in front of your eyes so that an inclination towards eating them develops naturally.

Availability of nutritious food at home is vital in order to avoid junk food. Make sure you do a lot of shopping for these food items whenever possible.

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