Beginner’s Guide to Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Guide

Before you head to the gym and start bodybuilding, you need to gather information about the stuff you need in your gym bag and learn some facts about bodybuilding. Being organized and having a plan is essential for progress. Making your body the best it can be is a long process and having high expectations, that may go unfulfilled, can be devastating.

Do not let those muscular men and women in the gym intimidate you, they were all beginners once. So in order to reach their level, you need to be systematic and this guide will help you achieve that.

Must Haves in Your Gym Bag

You should carry a watch to keep a track on time, instead of a phone which might distract you. If you carry a water bottle you will not have to walk to the fountain and risk losing your station. A journal and a pen will make the job of checking your progress much easier. You should also bring a shaker bottle along with some protein powder to start the recovery process immediately after workout.

What you do not need are weight gloves, they are worthless and chalk is a better choice for getting a good grip.

When it comes to gym clothes you need the one in which you will feel comfortable and confident. It should be made out of the best materials such as cotton and breathable polyester. Such clothes will not interfere with your mobility, allowing you to give your 100 percent every time you work out. So, you should keep this in mind when you’re buying gym clothing for your bodybuilding training.

Have a Plan

Weight Lifting Workout in Gym
Weight Lifting Workout in Gym


Going to the gym and doing whatever you feel like will be a waste of time. Before entering the gym, you need to know exactly what you will do that day. You can ask a personal trainer or anyone in the gym who is experienced to help you get organized and provide you with a workout plan, which you will follow strictly.

Although having a plan is a must, after a certain period of time your muscles will get used to that plan and the workout will not be as effective. The time has come for you to mix it up and switch the old plan with a new one. You can also switch between different types of training.

The Best Exercises

The best exercises for novice bodybuilders are multijoint exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats, overhead shoulder presses, push ups, dips, and pull-ups. They engage the majority of the muscles and are the most effective for building them.

Do not let those fancy machines lure you because free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, are better muscle builders if you are a beginner.

Proper Form Is More Important than the Weight

Surely, you want to lift heavy weights, but performing the move correctly is much more important. Learning the proper form will reduce the risk of an injury. Once you have learned the correct form of each exercise, you can start increasing the weight periodically.

Eat the Right Foods

Right Food Choice
Right Food Choice

Muscles need protein to recover from an exhausting workout, and they also need it so they can become stronger. Protein can be found in eggs, milk, chicken, fish, dairy products and some nuts and vegetables. If consuming these foods is a problem for you, you can buy a protein shake. You should eat four to six times every day and definitely avoid junk food.

Before the training, you should eat a piece of fruit or something else full of complex carbs or lean protein, to provide you with energy.

Rest Is Important, Healthy Lifestyle too

Muscles are not growing while you are working out, they are growing when you are sleeping and resting. Six to eight hours of sleep each night is optimal.

For better results, you should leave a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking, alcohol and other unhealthy vices.

This is a Long Process

Reaching your goals in bodybuilding is a long process, but if you are organized and pay attention to detail you will definitely fulfill those goals.

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