5 Benefits of Hot Lemon Water in the Morning

Why not have something healthy and refreshing in the morning instead of something which cause health issues like diabetes and heartburn. Yes, I am talking to avoid tea and coffee in the morning and suggest to drink something invigorating and energetic.

Is there any alternative to traditional morning drinks like tea and coffee? Yes, hot lemon water is the best and healthy alternative to it.

Here are 5 benefits to have this stimulating hot lemon juice in the morning.

Five Incredible Benefits of Hot Lemon Water

Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water in the Morning
Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water in the Morning

1) Flush Out Toxins

Hot lemon water works as your detox diet which require no fasting or limiting your intake. Lemons are good source of alkaline food which balance your body’s Ph. Acidic cum Alkaline combination of lemon water wakes up your liver and flushes out nasty toxins from our body. It improves your digestion and lesson your appetite. Many celebrities also claim that hot lemon water really works as an effective detox diet without making any change to your routine diet.

2) Improve the Skin Glow

Lemons are one of the best Vitamin C rich citrus fruits which rejuvenate your skin and keep it hydrated. Lemons are hugely used as natural remedy to treat acne and it’s after spots. Anyone can get rid of skin problems like acnes, scares, age spots, and dark armpits by rubbing lemon juice onto the skin.

3) Natural Remedy to Weight Loss

Lemons are known for its therapeutic properties and healthy nutrients such as Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and pectin fiber. As per Journal of the American College of Nutrition Vitamin C is inversely related to your body mass. As per this journal’s report having enough intake of Vitamin C trigger some kind of chemical reactions that break down body fat to use it as energy. Thus, glass of hot lemon water in the morning is the best natural remedy to fast weight loss and other health disabilities like heartburn, improper digestion, constipation, etc.

4) Maintain Ph Level in the Body

First let me try to describe the “Ph” in brief. The term Ph is stand for “Potential Hydrogen”. Our body needs perfect acidic-alkaline (Ph) balance. However, the lemon is a citrus food and considered to be the acidic (Ph is below 7). Once lemon has been fully digested and its nutrients are disassociated in the bloodstream, it works as alkaline (Ph is above 7). Surprisingly, the end product of lemon juice is alkaline inside the body which is very good for our body, because long term acidic environment can damage normal cell structure and function. Thus, hot lemon water helps to balance body’s Ph levels.

5) Improve Digestion

Experts always suggest drinking hot lemon juice in the morning to those having problems in digestion. Do you know why experts suggest it? Let me explain it, Hydrochloric acid and bile are both very important and closely related to our digestive system as well. This stimulating beverage normalizes the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and helps to produce bile in the liver. Thus, it improves the digestion and assimilation of nutrients by boosting the production of these two essential elements.

After this compelling explanation I insist you to start you’re good morning with this healthy beverage.

Squeeze the Lemon in the morning and say Bye! Bye! to wheeze forever!