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Benefits of Physio Roll- Roll Your Pain Away!


We can’t all have massage therapists with us at all the time when we need one. Physio Roll is the next best thing. It is the most effective way to give yourself a rejuvenating massage to sooth away your physical pains. Physio Roll uses the principle of deep compression to literally roll out knots and adhesions that develop overtime.

Whether you are exercising regularly, or have poor posture, or even going through some muscle recovery or training purposes, Physio Rolls have proved to be the best and the most affordable solution to ease your muscle pains.

Many of us suffer from muscle knots that cause severe problems like pains and ache that leads to even bigger injuries overtime. Using this Physio Roll, you will be able to feel these knots as you roll over the muscle. The applied pressure will ease them out and release tension.

Benefits of Physio Rolls

Self-Myofascial Release

  • Physio Rolls are extremely beneficial for releasing tension or knots in particular areas.
  • The use of Physio Rolls will help you stretch out tight areas in the muscle and tissues.
  • This release of tension will reduce the pain caused by muscle tightness with time.
  • With this Physio Rolls, you will be able to release the tension in tight muscle groups and restore the muscle balance to the body.

Improves Flexibility and Mobility

  • Physio Roll increases flexibility without reducing muscle performance.
  • There are some tight tissues in our body that are the strong tissues.
  • These tight tissues with time start to pain or affect in movement patterns or is under a lot of tension with everyday stress.
  • A Physio Roll will help ease this pain and relieve stress.

Core Stability

  • Using a Physio Roll will not only keep your musculoskeletal system healthy but it will also maintain and improve spinal flexibility.
  • This will help in getting your body balance back in place.

Saves You Money

  • It is not possible to keep booking spa’s and massage physio therapists for our regular muscular pains, it is not just the question of convenience but also of affordability.
  • There is one basic tool that is inexpensive and extremely beneficial as a massage. This tool is the Physio Roll with which simple stretching will relax your tensed tissues.
  • They are extremely beneficial for the athletes and individual suffering from myofascial pains.

Aids Fast Recovery

  • After your regular exercise, you must not forget to perform this therapeutic massage on your body with few simple steps.
  • It will help you flush out the lactic acid and other waste products from the tissues.

Our live has become so hectic that we are all suffering from long hours of work and tiredness that is catching up on us. We are all facing some or the other muscular pains due to our work schedule or because of sitting long hours on the same chair. Ligament pain, excruciating back pain, hand and underarm muscle pains are some of the examples that we suffer from.

Sometimes having a painkiller might solve the problem, but too much of painkillers might hamper your health. Having a handy Physio Roll is one safe alternative that relieves muscular pain easily and reduces stress.

Massages can help reduce stiffness and soreness of your muscles dramatically. But since you can not always have a massage appointment on hand, a Physio Roll is something that you will need at that time. If you have a desk job, these Physio Rolls will work wonders for your muscles.

These Physio Rolls were earlier used only for therapeutic purposes by physiotherapists and now it can be used as a recovery tool in everyday life.

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