Benefits of Using a Raptor Grip Rolling Handle

Benefits of Using a Raptor Grip Rolling Handle

Various athletes or trainers use rolling handles during their workouts for grip strength training. These athletes and trainers include boxers, arm wrestlers, weightlifters, and rock climbers, to mention a few.

You have to consult a trainer before including a revolving handle in your workouts. They help improve your grip strength.

A weak grip might be the most limiting factor in your activities, and that is why it is important to focus on exercises that strengthen the muscles in your wrists, forearms, and hands.

Ensure to use grip builders in your workout for an added boost.

Let us discuss a few benefits of grip strength.

Major Benefits of Grip Strength with Rolling Handle

It Improves Your Grip for Daily Tasks

Daily tasks become easy to carry out when you have a solid grip strength. It is an equally important element of functional fitness. These tasks include carrying a purse, a briefcase, a flower vase, painting, carrying luggage, and even maintaining good control of your dog on a leash. All these require you to have strong fingers, which can be achieved through workouts involving grip rolling handles.

Allows You To Hold On More Weights for Longer Time

It allows a person to do more exercises in their workouts. With grip strength, you can add more weights or hold on to heavier dumbbells without stopping. It is even easier to build more muscles in a short period. It is because your grip strength allows you to calculate more into your routine and hold on for longer periods. It simply improves the ability to handle heavier weights in the gym.

It Dramatically Improves your Athletic Performance

A strong grip is essential for various sports, including gymnastics, wrestling, and weightlifters. It reveals the physical readiness of an athlete. Most sports require hand co-ordinations that is why handgrip strength is important.

A person is likely to be taken into a team because of this. Sports like baseball and basketball highly require you to have a strong grip to catch the ball midair and throw it back. It predicts muscle strength and overall athletic performance.

In wrestling, a stronger grip means better trapping and grappling, while in football, better goalkeeping skills, and functional strength in a scrimmage.

Makes you Healthy

It mirrors your muscular endurance, strength, and overall health. Regular exercises help improve and maintain good health. According to a study, researchers found that patients with cardiovascular diseases who eventually died had a weak grip.

This research was carried from various backgrounds with the age and gender varying. Another study also suggested that a person with a weak handgrip strength is more likely to have blood pressure spikes or be diabetic.

Prevents Injuries

Injury prevention. Muscular strength helps to prevent common injuries that happen, whether one is into sports or simple workouts. Other than that, stronger muscles tend to recover faster when an accident occurs than a weak one.

How to Strengthen your Handgrip?

To strengthen the handgrip, you can always opt for exercises that strengthen the hands, forearms, and fingers. These exercises require you to use tools such as handles. There are various types of rolling handles, including the grip rolling handle.

The rolling handle aims at specific weak spots in the hand game. This handle makes exercises more challenging as it comes with minimal friction enabling the gripper to last a very long time.

Rolling handles are a must-have to anyone who is grip training. Rolling handles are suitable for all skill levels, whether a beginner or not since they have different sizes that match unique training needs.

The sizes vary from 1.5 to 3-inch in diameter. They are also highly durable and can withstand daily intense workout sessions. You can also change training angles and place more weight to reach different muscles and fingers respectfully, which creates a good all-rounded grip workout.

Some of the exercises to improve muscular and grip strength are deadlifts, zottman curl, farmer’s walks, dead hangs, and press-ups. Click here to read more.


It is important to start light with workouts. A beginner can start from 1.5 to 2-inch diameter and size up as their skill level progresses. Even though a person can benefit from having a strong hand grip, some are more open to injuries as they work out.

When incorporating a rolling handle in your routines, always attach the handle to your desired weights. It is advisable to perform exercises using the handles. To achieve the set target, repetition and consistency are the keys.

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