Best 9 Minute Workout Ideas to Boost Strength (No Weights)

9 Minute Workout

This guide will show you best 9 minute workout ideas in 3 sets. Each exercise doesn’t require any extra weights and equipment.

Lets check them out.

Are you finding difficulty in shedding stubborn pounds? Losing weights is a tough job as you need to burn more calories than you take in. A healthy diet with a combination of strength and cardio exercises for weight loss will keep you active throughout the day.

Strength training is crucial for people of any age and ability to improve flexibility and mobility. It also increases your performance level by lowering the injury risk.

If your life gets busy, hitting the gym and spending hours for exercises becomes a strain, then the only 9 minute workout will save you.

Try the basics of strength training while remaining at home. The truth is that an effective workout is actually possible in a short period, to boost your metabolism and build lean muscles.

9 Minute Workout Ideas for Strength Training

The workout session is divided into 3 sets and each set has 3 exercises.

Each set is of 3 minutes that comes up to 9 minutes of whole-body workout plan.

The following 9 exercises are bonded together in one-minute intervals. Set a timer or keep a watch in front, to complete each exercise in one-minute and take a one-minute break in between each set.

All set to feel strong? Ready, Steady and Go…

Set 1

1. Body-weight squat

Practice squat whenever possible. These are effective in the most powerful muscles present in your legs and glutes. Squats, if done wrongly, can be hard on your knees.

Tips to follow

  • While squatting, keep your butt pushed out.
  • While going up, use your hip and thigh muscles.
  • Don’t press your knees forward while making movement.
  • The knees will move only during the first half of the squat.
  • The correct way is to use your hips for finishing the movement.

2. Push-up

Push-ups are considered to be the go-to exercises for bodybuilders as it works on the chest and shoulder muscles.

Tips to follow

  • Try the standard push-ups for one minute.
  • If the basic push-ups are too challenging, keep your knees on the floor and continue.
  • If the normal push-ups are too easy for you, try to place a block or step under your feet to amplify the intensity.

3. Mountain Climbers

By the name itself, it is evident that this exercise will be the motion made while climbing steep peaks, though it is done on the flat and soft surface of your home. It is a total body workout building core, back, arms, and legs strength.

Tips to follow

  • Place both your hands and knees on the floor.
  • Bring the right foot near your right hand and extend the other leg.
  • Keep your arms firm and switch your legs to form smooth motion.
  • If you feel a strain on your wrists, place your hands little up that elevates your upper body. This will help to put less weight on your arms.

Set 2

1. Plank

Planks are ideal for building the core muscles, shoulder, arms, and legs. It also tones your abs and strengthens the abdominal and lower back muscles.

Tips to follow

  • Try the forearm planks by placing yourself in a push-up position with a bend on your elbows.
  • This will help to equalize your weight evenly on your forearms instead of wrists.
  • Keep your body tightened from head to heels and hold the position as long as you can.
  • If you still want to reduce weight on your arms, place your knees on the floor.

2. Bodyweight split squat

This is another variation of squat that focuses on quadriceps and hamstring muscles on the legs and glutes.

Tips to follow

  • Place your hands on the waistline and take a step forward with your left leg.
  • Lower your body and then jump to propel both feet off the floor.
  • Land with your right leg in front.
  • You can do the exercise holding the wall if balance is an issue.
  • You can also omit the plyometric jump.
  • To build more strength, you can jump higher.

3. Single-leg hip raise

An adaptation from yoga, this exercise targets the abs and glutes muscles.

Tips to follow

  • Lie on your back and place the right foot on the floor with the right knee bent.
  • Raise your left leg and keep it in line with your right thigh.
  • Push your hip high up while keeping the left leg elevated.
  • Return to the starting position and continue by switching legs.
  • You can also place a step or bench under your stable foot to raise your hips even higher.

Set 3

1. Burpee with Push-up

This is a total body exercise that will make your heart pumping fast but be firm with the form.

Tips to follow

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Squat and place your hands on the floor.
  • Kick back and complete one push-up.
  • Bring your legs back to the squat position and then jump up with your hands up over the head.
  • Follow a steady pace while doing the repeats.
  • Breathe in before squat and breathe out during push-up.

2. Single leg toe touches

This exercise helps to tone your lower body, improves balance, and builds hamstring muscles.

Tips to follow

  • Place your arms outward to your sides at shoulder height while standing.
  • Keep your right leg firm on the floor.
  • Raise your left leg slightly behind you in the air.
  • Squat down on your right knee.
  • Touch your left hand to your toe of the right foot.
  • Continue alternatively with both the legs.
  • You can add a little hop on the planted leg.

3. Leg raises

This exercise helps to build your core strength while lying on the floor.

Tips to follow

  • Lie on your back and keep both legs together.
  • Lift your legs straight up to the ceiling till your hips are off the floor.
  • Lower your legs down till both are just above the ground.
  • Hold here for a moment.
  • Raise your legs again to repeat.
  • While raising, engage your ab muscle to press your lower back.

Follow the above 9 minute workout routine, at least 3 to 4 times every week to boost your strength. Wear your workout gear and play the workout music to exercise harder without even realizing it. Add a warm-up and change your fitness level to achieve maximum benefits.

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