Best Brachialis Exercises for Bigger Arms

Brachialis Exercises for Bigger Arms

Do you know that the brachialis exercises will help the other arm muscles appear prominent? Everyone wants bigger and wider arms though people don’t talk much about brachialis muscles. However it is crucial in few sports like swimming, climbing or gymnastics.

The triceps fulfils 2/3 of the arm and the biceps 1/3. So if you want to focus on the arm training and learn how to get bigger arms then a bit of knowledge about your muscles is necessary.

The upper arm is divided into three main muscles:

1. Biceps: These muscles run along the front side of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder. The purpose of biceps is to help you to bend the elbows.

2. Triceps: These muscles are larger than biceps and also run from the elbow to the shoulder. The main purpose of it is to strengthen the elbow.

3. Brachialis: These are upper arm muscles that run under the biceps. If you look from the side, only then it is visible. This will make your arms appear larger.

A little more detailing will let you know that these muscles start from the humerus (long bone of upper arm) to the ulna (thin bone on the smaller side of the forearm). It provides primary flexion for the joint of the elbow.

Brachialis is more strong muscles than biceps. That means when you are pumping the bicep curls, it is your brachialis that are doing the hard job.

Aware of the Injury

When your brachialis get injured, it may press on one of the primary nerves that pass through it. A pins-and-needles sensation or pain will be experienced that will radiate from elbow to thumb. This type of nerve entrapment may cause symptom of weakness.

5 Best Brachialis Exercises

Best Brachialis Exercises
Best Brachialis Exercises

The best exercises for Brachialis include dumbbell/barbell biceps curls, hammer curls, and preacher curls etc. But don’t concentrate on these exercises for this single muscle; otherwise the less-developed muscles can get injured.

Try to create a balanced workout regimen by combining both upper and lower arm exercises. This will eventually use muscles that connect to all the three joints – shoulder, elbow and wrist.

This will help you to develop your arm evenly with over-all toned muscles which finally increases your arm strength.

Although the classic curls work for your brachialis, the underhand grip also shares the weights with your biceps. If you want to zero in on your brachialis, you need to lift with your forearm in pronation (turned inward). For that, you can add reverse curl, Zottman curl and hammer curl in your weekly workout session.

Now, let’s have a look at five exercises for brachialis that work best…

1. Biceps Curl

Your wrist should be straight and rigid. You should not swing your arms while bending the elbow towards your chest to pull the dumbbell or weight. Slowly raise and lower the weights keeping your palms facing away from you and elbows tucked by your side.

2. Barbell Biceps Curl

Use a barbell while doing this exercise. Hold it with both hands while keeping your palms facing outward. Keep your spine erect. Then lift the bar towards your chest.

3. Hammer Curl

You need to hold dumbbell in both of your hands. Keep your arms at your side while your palms should face each other. Raise one dumbbell towards your chest and lower it keeping your shoulder blades retracted. Repeat the same movement with the other hand.

4. Cable Biceps Curl

Adjust the cable machine to shoulder level. Keep your arms extended and stand while holding the handle of the cable machine. The arm kept out in front of you and then slowly brings it back to your shoulder. The movement should be slow against the resistance.

5. Preacher Curl

In this exercise you need a preacher bench or incline bench at the gym. This is to position your arm aligned with the incline. Your shoulder would be immobilized at the end nearest you. Hold the barbell and curl bar until forearms.

Swimming: The Best Brachialis Workout

With every swimming stroke, the brachialis muscles get a chance to play. This is the perfect opportunity in a weightless environment. This is ideal for those who are recovering from upper body injuries.

As the elbow keeps bending from full extension to optimal flexion during freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke; the brachialis muscles starts working from the initial stage. The range of brachialis effort is different for different strokes.

The brachialis muscle also works a lot during tumble turns, as you push with huge effort against the water. Performing flips down the pool vigorously will help your brachialis muscle to be stronger. It will assist you in developing quicker turns.

In each Brachialis bodybuilding exercise,the main criteria for bigger and stronger arms. You can also add pull ups to these exercises which will give the mechanical advantage. So if you are stretching limits of your shirt sleeves or you want to go shirtless, eye-popping arms will be your target.

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