5 Best Diet Ideas for Menopausal Weight Loss

Menopausal Weight Loss

Menopause is a stage where every woman must pass through. Belly fat develops in women approaching menopause. You can handle this extra layer of belly fat since it depends on your willingness to get rid of it.

This menopause stage is different for each and every woman because every one of them has her own way of tackling menopause. 90% of women find that they gain around 10 to 15 pounds or more during the menopause transition. At this age, you should never permit belly fat to take a toll in your life when coping with other menopausal symptoms.

Whenever we talk about weight one term click in our mind is food. So keep an eye on what you eat.

What you normally eat counts much to your menopause. Avoid mindlessly nibbling throughout the day. Menopausal women tend to overeat and over a snack, that is when they get themselves into all kinds of troubles. Avoid junk foods since they contain a lot of fat which is not healthy for your body. Take lots of vegetables like kale since they contain vitamins which help break down excess fat in your body.

The following are some of the best diet ideas for menopausal weight loss which help in the reduction of body fat caused during the menopause period.

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Five Best Diet Ideas for Post Menopausal Weight Loss

1) Omega3

Use fish oil since it contains omega3 fatty acid. These omega3 are capable of breaking down excess fat in your belly. Spinach is another source of omega3 hence you should take plenty of them especially during lunch and supper, this is because they help in digestion hence reducing constipation and enhance the burning of excess belly fat.

2) Love Proteins

Proteins offer essential nutrients to our bodies. Particularly, proteins play a vital role during the onset of menopause. It helps in the preservation of the muscle mass in the body. It can combat the problem of losing the lean mass. Research shows intake of 20g of proteins in every meal can protect the muscle mass. It is important to choose the intake of lean proteins from the proteins rich in high fats. It can assist with your calories problem. They include eggs, pork, tofu as well as seafood.

3) Increase in Vegetable Intake

Vegetables are essential for a wholesome nutritional diet. Fruits for increased nutrients should couple them. These assist with maintaining your body’s weight as well as its calories budget. They are also beneficial to the body as they have healthy minerals. The fiber is also high with inclusive of the vitamins. These can leave one with the feeling of being full which reduced excess calorie intake. Strive for nine servings on a daily basis for increased nutrients.

4) Pay Attention to your Calcium Intake

During menopause, calcium becomes a necessary mineral that should form part of your daily diet.  It is found in the majority of the foods but majorly in dairy products. One serving is important on a daily basis. As you advance in age, the gut becomes intolerant to lactose. It is attributed to the bacteria that is exposed to the changes in the body found in the gut. It can lead to increased gas as well as a loose stool. In case this is evident, you can use other dairy products such as yogurts.

5) Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are super food which contains omega 3 fatty acid and many antioxidants. It is a very special food for menopause. Many studies have shown that if you are consuming flaxseeds for 3 months then it may help to reduce menopausal symptoms and improve your quality of life.

How you Can Consume Flaxseeds?

It can be added to smoothies, salads or other homemade recipes.

This super food is high in fiber but low in carbohydrate these specifications are advantageous in menopausal.

One more thing you should keep in mind, inactiveness will always lead to increased weight. However, by having regular exercises ensure that your body remains active. It has various benefits such as boosts in the immune system and reduced blood pressure.

For women undergoing menopause, daily workout habit can help keep your weight in check and reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer of the breast and elevate your levels of mood.


It is important before you settle on the method of reducing your weight during menopause to consult your physician. They can advise on the best ways you can adapt to reduce the weight gain. It will keep the side effects that are harmful to your health at bay. Ensure that you are keen on the changes in your lifestyle as sedentary lifestyle can lead to an increase in weight. The increase in the abdomen may invite some other health risks as well.

Hope you find this guide on menopausal weight loss helpful. Don’t forget to share with others on social media.

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