Best Diets That Work for Women After 50

Best Diets That Work for Women after 50


Diets That Work for Older Women

When a woman has reached an age of 50 years, there are various physiological and mental changes that occur. Aged ladies often experiences certain types of health issues such as; weight gain, loss of lean body mass, loss of bones, insomnia, indigestion etc.

According to Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD, a professor in the department of nutrition and metabolism at The University of Texas Medical Branch; “Loss of lean body mass starts in the 30s and 40s”.

He explained that women start losing 1% of their lean body mass every year after age of 40 if they are unable to keep themselves physically active. To maintain the body muscle, he suggests to perform certain physical activities like walking, jogging, yoga, etc.

The author of “The Complete Book of Bone Health”, Diane L. Schneider adds “Between waning hormones, weight gain, and changes in physical activity, there’s a synergistic effect on bone in women as they age.” Thus, she recommends to follow diet that has adequate calcium, vitamin D, protein and suggests to quit smoking.

Thus, women need to maintain such a diet that helps them to live a healthy life and feel their best. The best diets for women should be such that allows maintaining their daily need of calorie, need of protein and should have measures to stop losing weight after 50. Before we start discussing about some of the diets that work for women, let us give you some expert diet tips that actually works for women over 40;

  • Keep involving yourself in physical activities to shed off more calories than you consume food and liquids.
  • Your diet dish should include more veggies, fish, fruits, whole grains and fat free dairy products.
  • Limit consumption of sugars and foods that have no nutritional value.
  • Avoid Crash Diet for quick weight loss.

7 Best Diets for Women to Follow after 50

Hardboiled Egg and a Glass of Milk

One of the diets that women over 50 should observe according to best diet plan for women is to have proper quantity of Zinc in their diet. They can easily do so by having a hardboiled egg and a glass of milk. The zinc in these substances will help them to have good nails. The nails are a part of the body that gets affected by white spots after reaching an age.

This diet helps you in muscle gain, improved eyesight, stronger bones, etc. However, eggs contains a high amount of cholesterol and thus it needs to be in limit.

Choco Chips Berries

The best diet for women over 40 also suggests them to have proper supply of calories. They can easily do so by adding Choco Chips berries in their diet. This consists of a cup of grain cereal, 57 grams of dried cranberries, 57 grams of choco chips and 30 grams of seed of sunflower. If they have half cup of this yummy mix then they will be certain to have 130 calories.

Nut Butter Snacks

If any woman tries to have the best diet for women over 50 then they should definitely have nut butter snacks. The food is really simple one just have to add a spoon full of natural nut butter over a cut apple. It will help them to have both protein and fiber for health. The calorie consumption will only be 150 and so is good for losing weight after 50.

Fish Oil

Foods cooked with fish oil are also diets that work for women. Fish oil helps them to have Omega 3 fatty acid which will prevent heart stroke, dementia and enhance memory. They can have fish oil fried baby corn which will help them have fiber also with Omega 3 fatty acid.

Chips of Pistachios

The best diets for women also recommend having chips of Pistachios. If they have 57 to 85 grams of this mixture they can have a rise in good cholesterol. The best diet plan for women should be such that they help the aged to be free from mental stress related to menopause and calcium deficiency. There are various options to have calcium for stronger bones like having salmon and sardines with bones or broccoli.

Apple and Potato

The best diet for women over 50 also tells to have the peels of apple and potato. They contain the nutrients that are most needed by aged women.

Dark Chocolate Shake

Women who are trying to follow the best diet for women over 40 should have dark chocolate shake. It can be easily made by making a shake of milk or any fruit juice using two squares of dark chocolate. This will help them to augment their focus and concentration.

There are many other diets that women above 50 can have to improve their health condition. The best thing that they can do is to have natural and organic food.

The diets that work for women are generally those which take care of their health related issues and give them a way to be fit and fine. They can themselves invent new types of food that gives those more calories, protein and Omega 3 fatty acid so that they feel themselves better.

We suggest to follow these diets under expert advice to have a healthy life and live young and strong for the rest of their life. It will help you to prevent any side effects or unwanted health conditions.

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