6 Best Nutritionists in New York City, NY

Nutritionists in New York City

Thinking to make change in your diet and wellness? If yes, then here are six best nutritionists in New York City you can approach. They will help to make good change in your diet, fitness, mental health and overall wellness.

You must have broken head over the internet or read as many books you can to follow a healthy eating habit. But the actual exam comes when you face chocolate cookies in front of you or you need to make a choice among healthy salad and fried chicken. And many a time, you failed to maintain the correct dietary measures.

This is the time when you must take expert opinions for holistic nutrition. The top 6 nutritionists of New York City are enlisted below for defining your health goals in a realistic manner.

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6 Best Nutritionists in New York City

  1. Lorraine Kearney, BASc, CDN, NDTR
  2. Lauren Cadillac, B.S. in Nutritional Sciences, RD
  3. Annette O’Neill, MS in Nutrition/Dietitian
  4. Nutrition Energy (Group of Nutritionists)
  5. Callie Exas
  6. Lara Metz, MS, RDN, CDN

1) Lorraine Kearney

Lorraine Kearney
Weight loss, Eating
and Sugar Detox Expert


Lorraine Kearney is a Sugar Detox Expert and an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is an Adjunct Lecturer at the City University of New York and a Cornell University guest speaker as well. She has a holistic approach towards assisting her clients. Her compassionate concern about every individual is to make them recognize the ill-effects of stress and poor diet.

She runs her nutritional center where she and her team provide services like weight loss programs, mindful eating, prenatal and fertility nutrition. The also gives nutrition plans to tackle different hormonal diseases like thyroid and PCOS. Personalized guidance and meal plans are part of their specialization for empowering individuals.

2) Lauren Cadillac

Lauren Cadillac
Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach


Lauren Cadillac is a certified personal trainer and a registered dietitian who is also known as the ‘feel good dietitian’. This Manhattan-based nutritionist has past experiences in clinical as well as a personal engagement with the bodybuilding and fitness field. Lauren did her graduation from Penn State University with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences.

She has a lot of love and passion for nutrition to deliver her clients with motivation, guidance and support. She believed in overall well-being with more energy, more fun, less stress, better sleep and a feel-good diet.

3) Annette O’Neill

Annette O’Neill
Registered Dietitian Integrative and Functional Nutritionist


Annette O’Neill is a registered dietitian who focuses on mindful and holistic living. She is an MS in Nutrition/Dietetics from NYU, currently doing private practice for nutrition. Annette is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Barre Teacher, Pilates Mat instructor, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher as well.

Her primary concern is to reveal the secrets of healthy living. She has worked with many to provide them with healthy cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. Personalized programs are planned by her for individuals who want to gain, lose or maintain a healthy weight. This wellness mentor has a strong desire to help others for restoring a healthy body, mind and soul.

4) Nutrition Energy


Nutrition energy is a clinic based in New York with a panel of registered dietitians. They have various weight management programs for the patients. They also provide support for wellness and disease prevention. The nutrition coaches deliver help with services like managing eating disorders, improving women’s health, increasing sports performance and medical nutrition therapies.

They have specialization in Diabetes and Gestational diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and food allergies. Individualized meal plans are given accordingly to prevent lifestyle diseases. The efficient nutritionists present there will integrate your healthy eating habits and improve your overall health for future.

5) Callie Exas

Callie Exas
RDN and Personal Trainer


Proper self-care is the primary motto that Callie suggests to everyone. She is a registered dietitian and a personal trainer. Her holistic approach towards wellness includes a balance between the four main aspects – sleep, stress, diet and physical activities. Her thoughts are focused on the nourishment of both body and mind to restore a connection in between.

Callie loves to work together with her clients to make a good fit so that she can establish perfect personalized coaching. She takes depth assessments to analyze her clients better. You can feel safe to explore your feelings towards food and their relationships. Her ongoing support can be expected to help you reach your health goals and wellness practices.

6) Lara Metz

Lara Metz
Registered Dietitian and
Food Loving Mommy


Lara Metz, a veteran dietitian, is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group, and Greater New York Dietetic Association. She holds a master’s degree from New York University in Clinical nutrition. Lara is a dedicated lifestyle counselor who keeps others motivated to improve health and wellbeing.

Lara Metz loves to empower her clients to increase their energy levels. She wants them to develop a healthy relationship with food. She has a team that analyzes each individual’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can provide a customized nutrition plan. They concentrate on realistic health goals that can be achieved and sustained.

They have different customized programs and one-on-one lifestyle counseling sessions for weight loss, general health, diabetes management, pre-wedding nutrition and wellness, pre and postnatal nutrition, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, pediatric nutrition, etc.

Now that you have gathered information regarding the top nutritionists in New York City, set your health goals and inspire yourself to achieve it.

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