5 Best Pec Workouts at Home for Chest (No Equipment)

Best Pec Workouts at Home

In this post, we will discuss 5 best pec workouts which you can do at home to get super defined chest.

It may sound absurd that you can achieve a toned and well-sculpted chest without gym equipment and complicated routines. With a strong determination, sincerity and hard work, a built-up pec is sure to gain.

There are a number of chest exercises that you can try at home which can be done using your body weight. The chest muscles are some of the powerful muscles in our body. So, don’t just stick to bench press as that won’t help you to get those push-up chests which you might have seen in workout sites or magazines.

Why the Chest Muscles (Pecs) are Vital?

The chest muscles are divided into two main parts-

  • The pectoralis major
  • The pectoralis minor

They are also known as pecs. The pectoralis major is the larger of them situated in the upper chest attaching to the shoulder and the breast bone. The pectoralis minor is rather thin, small and triangular muscles that are underlying the pec major muscles.

These muscles control our arm movements including rotating, pulling, pushing or lifting using your arms. They covers maximum of the chest walls, so working them out will take your ample energy.

Five Pec Workouts at Home (No Equipment Required)

The workouts are designed in such a way that every part of your upper body gets the deserved attention. These can be repeated according to the need of the muscle growth in an optimal amount so that you can sum up in a few minutes.

  • Workout once or twice a week
  • Try to keep it 48 hours away from your regular pec workouts or regular bench press
  • Try to complete all the reps back to back without taking rest. Then rest for two minutes and repeat and then again rest for two minutes and repeat for the last time.
  • Initially start with 2 sets of each exercise with 10 reps.

1. Regular or Classic Push-ups

A push-up is an amazing exercise for the whole body including chest that involves raising and lowering your body with the help of your arms. This classic variant is excellent to start with.

Step 1:

Lie in the floor with your face down keeping your torso up. Make sure you place your arms wide apart as that will help to work your chest muscles than narrow grip technique.

Step 2:

While inhaling, move downwards until your chest is almost touching the ground.

Step 3:

While exhaling, push your body upwards back to the starting position. Concentrate on the squeezing your chest while coming up.

2. Decline Push-ups

This type of push-up is little different as well as tricky than the normal push-up. The basic difference being the position of the legs is higher than the hands.

Step 1:

Be in the push-up position as given above. Here the position of the feet only will be different. Place it either on a box or bench and brace yourself.

Step 2:

Start to lower yourself while inhaling to make sure your chest come to a touching distance from the ground.

Step 3:

Follow the step 3 of the above exercise.

3. Diamond Push-ups

These are efficient workouts for triceps and inner chest muscles.

Step 1:

Rest your hands together under your chest and form a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs.

Step 2:

Keep your body elevated by extending your arms and create a straight line from head to feet. Slowly lower your chest towards your hands making sure that your elbows don’t fan out.

Step 3:

Go till your chest touches the floor and then come back to the initial position.

4. Rotational Push-up

This is a twisted version of regular push-up.

Step 1:

Follow the step 1 of workout 1 and be in a regular push-up position.

Step 2:

Keep lowering yourself to one side so that you are in a twisting position as you keep maximum weight on one hand.

Step 3:

Return back to your old position by pushing yourself up.

Step 4:

Do the same way with the opposite shoulder and repeat.

5. Shuffle Push-up

Shuffle push-up is another name of one hand push-up. You need to keep shuffling your hands while doing the workout.

Step 1:

Be in the regular push-up position with one hand ahead of your shoulder with another one behind. Lower yourself down towards the ground and come back.

Step 2:

At the top position, jump and change your hand and repeat the same with your other hand. Continue alternating with every reps.

So, now are you excited to build your chest muscles at the comfort of your home? Go for it these pec workouts.

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