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Bkool Review – Everything About This 3D Virtual Bike Training Program

Bkool Review

This is a complete and in-depth Bkool review mainly discussing below points such as;

What is Bkool Trainer? – How to use the bkool trainer? – Best Features of BkoolBenefits of Bkool Smart TrainerFor Whom is Bkool Smart Trainer?

Cycling outdoors on the trails and roads surrounded by some exceptionally scenic views is a great idea. Not only it is adventurous but also healthier and relaxing. However, for the athletes and bikers who ride for hours to achieve some serious goals, outdoor cycling might not always seem as a great idea. And because outdoor cycling is highly weather permitting, if it’s raining outside or if it’s very windy, you are definitely going to miss your important training sessions.

Fitness goals are achieved by persistency and outdoor cycling come with its drawbacks. This is the reason why indoor cycling and virtual bike training programs have created excessive buzz.

Among ample of virtual bike training programs, Bkool has become a prominent name in the world of smart bikes and does almost 999 training sessions every year.

So here’s an informative and absolute Bkool review you should consider:

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What is Bkool Trainer?

The Bkool virtual bike trainer is a complete training program that helps you achieve your indoor cycling or fitness goals. The turbo trainer comes with an advanced Bkool simulator that connects and interacts with the virtual world devices like the tablet, computer or smart phone for smart training.

The Bkool smart trainer offers 3D world routes, video routes and well structured cycling classes. While using the bkool trainer, you can create customised workouts, track your progress and achieve your fitness goals with the help of a virtual fitness guide.

The Bkool simulator is a companion application that comes with countless routes. Apart from this, the simulator also allows you to create your own routes and ride anywhere in the world in the tempting and flourishing 3D virtual environment.

The simulator also has features like changing weather conditions, turning on the night mode and headwinds which add a more stimulating experience to indoor cycling.

How to Use the Bkool Trainer?

How to Use Bkool
How to Use Bkool Trainer

The Bkool trainer has to be used with the Bkool indoor simulator for unlocking. After purchasing the trainer, registration is required and after entering the email and password, you can download the simulator. This simulator is compatible with IOS and android devices. After setting the trainer, you have to pair it with the simulator.

For connecting, you can use the USB ANT+ with your device and you can also use Bluetooth for connecting the trainer with your device. Bkool offers easy and smooth connectivity through both, Bluetooth and ANT+. While using any of these, you can link your product with ample of devices from power meters to GPS based computers.

After pairing the trainer with the simulator and your device, you can ride on the 3D routes with your friends and you will also be able to access the route profiles, distance, your speed and much more. The simulator is considerably the best software that will support your workout in different ways. This is the Bkool smart trainer that will bring you the realistic training experiences.

Best Features of Bkool

Convincing Features:

  • Impressively Silent and quite
  • Good resistance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Superior connectivity to 3rd party applications
  • Light weight and compact compared to other smart trainers

Recognized Cons:

  • Not widely supported with all kind of devices
  • Connectivity issues with smart trainer and simulator
  • Substandard Customer service

Configuration and Design of the Bike

One of the best features of this trainer is its structure. The device itself is highly configurable. You can adjust your sitting position as per your height by adjusting the knob settings located at the back of seat tube. The handle of the bike doesn’t come with padded extensions so it might not feel extremely comfortable but the bars are adjustable quite adjustable. The pedals of the bike are flat and acceptable but are wider than regular pedals that might create a little discomfort.

Apart from this, the bike has a phone mount placed right on the handlebars so that you can use your phone and tablets for entertainment. However, you might end up dropping some sweat over your phone that can make using the touch screen a bit inept.

Resistance and the App

One of the trivial features of the bike is its resistance. The bike comes with a range of gears that allows adjusting its resistance. While riding, you can control or change the gears using the app which is connected to the desktop and there is no specific hardware for changing gears. Resistance is strictly controlled either by the app or the simulator and it is easy to handle.

Along with the smart bike, comes 3 month subscription to the indoor training app by Bkool. The application of Bkool has improved vastly since past few years compared to what it used to be. You can run a lot of other training courses on the app while the routes are quite comfortable. The Bkool simulator along with the app brings in a lot of fun as the resistance created will make you feel as if you completed a real life ride.

The Virtual Experience

One of the best features of Bkool is the virtual display. Previously, there were just videos or maps used for display while it is now moving the routes to rendered displays. The rendered display is quite interesting and offer better quality than the videos as videos are sometimes low resolution. The climbs and lumps, other riders and many more things nicely displayed through the progressed new display. Through this display, the bike offers a smart, balanced and powerful virtual riding experience.

Using the display, you can also join your friend or other bikers. You also can race with other users using the bkool simulator function which is quite tempting. It creates a fun experience for users to race with other users and set targets. You also get to access 3D routes from all over the world and include everything from central parks to huge climbs and this makes the riding experience more enhanced. However, the experience of virtual riding might not completely imitate the real life bike riding experience as riding uphill and climbing is not easy. You would suddenly lose all the momentum and affect the resistance.

Tailored and Customised Sessions

Based on your FTP, there are multiple customised training sessions for you. You can choose the workout session that matches to your power. Once you launch the simulator, you will have to do the Functional Threshold Power test that is 5 and 20 minute test. Once your FTP score is recorded with bkool, the resistance levels would get automatically adjusted as per your capacity and you will be working out at the level which is suitable for you.

The bike also uses ERG mode to compare and match your power sessions for providing a better workout schedule for each user. These tailored sessions allow you to get guided video lessons and keeps you motivated and boosted for the workouts. It is a pleasing experience to use this smart integration because the workouts are tailored as per your needs and you have range of workouts to choose from. Even the transition between each session is effortless even while jumping above your FTP levels.

User Friendliness

The bkool smart trainer is quite easy to setup and use. You don’t need to adjust the resistance as your body weight does it naturally. It doesn’t require any calibration and the maximum resistance is 80 watts. It can simulate slopes up to 8% so if you want to go quick on the climb, you will have to change the gear but you still won’t get the rigorous experience of the resistance of some sharp heels. Some users might find the resistance barrier as displeasing but for other users, it might not create any problem until the speed on the climbs and routes remain constant.

Motivation and Concentration

The best thing about outdoor riding is that you don’t get bored. While exploring the surroundings, it is easy to cover miles and miles. However, while setting up an indoor cycling session it is important to get some motivation as staring at the same wall for hours won’t motivate you enough to reach your target.

With bkool smart trainer, you can kick away boredom while exploring the workout videos, 3D rendering routes, and velodrome sessions. While synching your bike with the simulator, you can get easy access to such videos and motivating routes that will keep you focused towards your goals.

Best Price

It is an affordable and reasonably priced smart bike. There are also some discounts available and for a classic indoor riding experience, the $500.00 is not a huge amount. The silent and realistic functioning of this bike might tempt you to train more and achieve your fitness goals.

The bkool smart trainer might not have all the top notch facilities and features but if you are looking for a smart and entertaining indoor training bike that allows you to choose from different routes and also join your friends while riding, this trainer offers a great value.

Benefits of Bkool Smart Trainer

Benefits of Bkool Smart Trainer
Benefits of Bkool Smart Trainer

This brand new smart trainer comes with ample of exhilarating benefits. From fitness to social benefits here’s what the trainer offers:

  • The pc and mobile apps have structured workout sessions. With the help of the bkool simulator, the coaches will be able to help you achieve your indoor training workout goals
  • You can follow and track your progress in real time situation using the simulator and its advanced features
  • You get an opportunity to socialize while riding your bike using the simulator. You can join your friends or other riders
  • You can also create your cycling team and enjoy your workouts while competing with other riders
  • The bkool smart trainer works with all types of trainers and meters. You can use it with a power meter or even a heart rate monitor
  • Your power output is also calculated based on which, your workouts can be customised
  • Bkool offers high discounts if you sign up for an entire year and you also get the 3 month premium simulator subscription which is quite worthy

For Whom is Bkool Smart Trainer?

If you are an indoor riding enthusiast looking for a trainer that can shake up your indoor training routine, from tons of options, Bkool is a great smart preference. Explore infinite 3D routes, velodromes, and video routes; involve yourself in structured workouts and cycling training sessions, join your friends and other riders to enrich your training experience and if you are unable to choose from the given cycling sessions, prepare your own. Bkool is a great option for you if you are finding variations and thrilling sessions for boosting your indoor training with virtual experience.

Final Verdict

Bkool smart trainer is within your means if you are looking for a unique virtual riding experience to augment your indoor training sessions. Silent rides, multiple connectivity options, infinite 3D routes, premium subscription and the bkool simulator definitely makes it one of the prominent players in the smart bike market but there are ample of other possible features that can be added to improve the overall riding experience.


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