Bkool vs Zwift – Know Which Indoor Virtual Cycling Program is Better

Bkool Vs Zwift

Virtual cycling programs and trainers are drawing a lot of attention these days and why not? The virtual trainers offer controllable, realistic and motivational cycling experience for the riders along with some exceptionally well-designed features. Among plentiful of some famous virtual cycling programs, Bkool and Zwift are the prominent crowd pullers.

If you are baffling between these two training programs and are not still able to decide which one is better, here is a Bkool Vs Zwift guide that will help you choose the apt program for your training requirements:

Basic Impression

The bkool simulator allows the riders to connect with like-minded riders and friends and create cycling programs. The bkool simulator quite effectively provides more realistic and dynamic riding environment while providing ample of 3D routes, weather changing feature and smooth training sessions.

Zwift on the other hand promotes itself as a multiplayer game in which, the users have to link their devices with the turbo trainer and ride with other rides in the virtual atmosphere. The main aim of the simulator is to help the riders connect with other riders and help them socialize with people sharing common goals.

Choice of Routes

When it comes to routes, Bkool strictly dominates Zwift as it offers more than 500,000 route options to the riders.  Bkool simulator offers variety of routes like Copenhagen, Central Park, and Bangkok etc while it also allows the riders to create their own customized routes and ride.

Apart from routes, Bkool also offers some extraordinary features like weather changing features and night mode functions that can take the riding experience to a whole new level.

Compared to Bkool, the choice of routes offered by Zwift is quite constricted. Zwift basically offers 3 worlds namely London, Richmond and Watopia. All these worlds have 5 unique routes from which, the riders have to pick. No doubt that the routes are quite interesting, but the choice becomes limited.

Graphic Elements and Social Benefits

Zwift has not invented virtual riding but as it is founded by gamers, the graphic elements of the game are rich and superior compared to other trainers. It also improves social interaction while letting the riders build a social community where the riders can ride along, chat with each other through voice-to-text messaging and conduct community races.

Bkool on the other hand is the trainer program that focuses on rider outputs based on the algorithms on speed, weight and other aspects. Just like zwift, Bkool also allows the riders to join other cyclists and create their cycling teams. Riders can also communicate with the fellow riders through chat and can write encouraging texts.


One of the most important features of trainer apps is its ability to engage the riders. Bkool is undoubtedly one of the most engaging and tricky apps which makes the rides in the 3D world interesting. Even the velodrome sessions add more fun and thrill while riding with the other riders.

One of the best features of Bkool is the structured session provided by the video training classes. There are also some instructors that keep the riders motivated and going. The only limitation while riding online is the smaller number of riders riding with you at the same time. While riding, the riders can also learn the benefits that can be derived from particular sessions.

Talking about Zwift, there are ample of riders online with whom, you can enjoy your rides and stay motivated. Multiple riders riding with you definitely create a highly engaging environment. Also the saddle time is rewarded with some points which allow you to upgrade the equipment. This also adds more motivation.

Quick Comparison


Cost of App: $10.00/month

Compatibility: iOS, Mac, Windows

Free Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

Best Features: Best virtual riding experience, infinite 3D routes available

Final Verdict: It is one of the most appealing apps that offers high end riding experience, ample of routes and helps riders achieve their fitness goals.

Resistance: The resistance changes are slightly challenging and too sharp compared to Zwift


Cost of App: $10.00/month

Compatibility: iOS, Mac, Windows

Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial

Best Features: Highly social, Superior graphical elements, Interactive

Final Verdict: It turns tiring and boring training sessions into a social and boosting experience

Resistance: Resistance is great as it counters individual training block instead of power produced by individual

Both these trainers have quite common features and are priced reasonably. If you are a biker looking forward to make your riding experience highly social, you can choose Zwift as it is a community based platform that will help you achieve your fitness goals while providing you the opportunity to connect with other riders.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to achieve your serious training goals while riding with a highly engaging app, choose Bkool. It will provide you with ample of customized routes and entertaining and motivating videos.

Hope this piece of information on Bkool Vs Zwift helps you to make the best choice of your virtual cycling program. Don’t forget to share it with your other fellow cycling riders on social media.

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