Factors to Consider When Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor


The professional term for a blood pressure monitor is “sphygmometer”. As the name suggests, this health device is sued to measure a person’s blood pressure. The device has a cuff that is inflatable that restricts the supply of blood to the body part where applied and a meter to measure the pressure. The meter is usually filled with mercury or mechanical.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor

Accuracy – Make sure the monitor is accurate, it will be better if the product has already been clinically validated, because that means it has gone through some tests to verify its accuracy.

  • Cuff Size

This is an important thing to check before you purchase. An upper arm blood pressure monitor comes with a cuff, its important for you to make sure that you get a blood pressure monitor that has a suitable cuff size for you. If you don’t get a proper cuff size you won’t get a correct reading from the monitor.

  • Price

A blood pressure monitor that only has basic features is actually very affordable, the price will be higher if it offers more extra features. You should know if the device has some extra features you have to pay extra, so decide whether you really need those extra features or not before you purchase it. Basically to get a blood pressure reading, all you need is a monitor, a pen and a paper to record the readings.

  • Calibration

Usually any monitor should be calibrated by the manufacturer once every 2 years to make sure it keeps on giving accurate readings. Find out about the procedure and how much is the fee if there’s any. Make sure the procedure is simple and the fee is reasonable.

  • Specific Purpose

Make sure the blood pressure monitor matches your specific purpose, today there are blood pressure monitors made specifically for children, expecting mothers, elderly, also for some specific health conditions.

Salient Features with Blood Pressure Monitor


  1. Blood pressure monitors can be manually or electrically operated.
  2. Manually operates ones come with an inflatable bulb that is pumped to fill air into the cuff. Electrically operated ones have a pump.
  3. The manually operated mercury blood pressure monitors are considered the most accurate and best in the market. The more common ones are the digital ones that are now available.
  4. The digital blood pressure monitors can be attached to one’s upper arm or wrist.
  5. The bands are long enough to fit any adults arm.
  6. The best blood pressure monitors also have a storage device where your readings are recorded. You can then connect the device to online health websites to analyze the findings.
  7. The monitors also have an LED display that show the blood pressure and indicate whether it is normal or abnormal.
  8. If you invest in the best blood pressure monitors, you can also find out if your blood pressure is higher early morning (known as early morning hypertension). This difference has medical significance and it would help if this is also recorded.

Top 3 Best Blood Pressure Monitors

To help you choose the best, read below descriptions of the top three blood pressure monitors’ details from a reputed online shopping company:

1. Omron 7 series Wrist BP Monitor

Omron 7 series Wrist BP MonitorRecommended by most doctors and pharmacists, this monitor has a light that tells you when your hand is at an optimum level to measure BP so you can get consistent readings always. The hypertension indicator allows lets you know when the BP level is higher than normal.

2. Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm BP Monitor

This comes in 2 colors – black and white. It has dual sensors so this is built to double-check its results on its own. It shows you the average of the last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes and also alerts you if your heartbeat pattern is irregular.

3. Panasonic EW3109W Portable Upper Arm BP Monitor

This comes in white and grey colors. This follows the traditional method of a cuff and pump to measure your blood pressure but the display is on an LCD screen. Just press one button to inflate the cuff and get accurate readings which are even more so because they eliminate noises from outside.

IT has an in-built memory for the last 90 readings so you can compare readings and check your health improvement. Also comes with hypertension warning lights and is portable in a storage pouch.

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