Brat Diet for Toddlers

Is BRAT Diet Good for Toddlers?


BRAT Diet for Toddlers – Good or Bad?

BRAT diet which consists of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast were used by people for many years for treating patients with diarrhea or morning sickness. Recent studies have shown that this diet is low in protein, calories and vitamins it actually delays the process of recovery. It is better to start with a BRAT diet and follow that with a diet that is rich in nutrition for speedy recovery.

So, the question arises is, should we follow BRAT diet for toddlers or not? Let see what doctors and researchers have to say.

Doctors have recommended this diet for toddlers for years. The diet helps the fluid intake for the child and also offers food by means of which they could recover. The ingredients helped the children in many ways. We have already written a detailed BRAT Diet Guide, have a look at it.

  • Bananas reduced the stomach acidity and regulate the potassium level in the child’s blood.
  • Rice offered quick sources of carbohydrate and protein and at the same time it is easy to digest.
  • Applesauce provided the necessary sugar and vitamins to keep the child agile.
  • Toast provides carbs necessary for the child.
Brat Diet for Toddlers
A Mother Serving BRAT Diet Food to her Baby!

BRAT diet is recommended by doctors while your baby is suffering from a stomach problem, vomiting or diarrhea. It is recommended that plenty of fluid is to be taken while having this diet.

This was the diet that was followed a few years back and was recommended by doctors. But the concept has changed now. According to research conducted by American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended that children should continue to have normal diet having the formula and milk that they generally have. CDC also recommended that children should have semi-solid or solid food that they have during the period that they are sick. They also say that yogurt having acidophilus is also helpful for a child recovery.

So, should we follow the BRAT diet or continue with the normal diet that children have? It is recommended that we should follow the brat diet for toddlers with diarrhea and vomiting and then gradually come to the normal food. Let us see how to follow.

How to Follow BRAT Diet for Toddler?

If your toddler becomes sick start giving them the BRAT diet which consists of Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast for the first 24 hours. As they become a bit normal then try to add variation. Try to give them nutrient rich food from the food type that they usually have. While selecting the normal food try to avoid fat. You can also try something like baked potatoes or beans in place of bananas to have the supply of potassium.

Doctors nowadays do not recommend BRAT diet for long as due to the negative impacts it has. It is low in fiber, fat and protein and does not provide the necessary health support to the child to recover. It is recommended to have BRATTY or BRATT diet instead of BRAT diet.

BRATTY diet is a combination of BRAT diet along with yogurts and green tea. Yogurt contains helpful bacteria that helps to reduce stomach problem and also gives enough supply of vitamins and protein. Tea, on the other hand helps the growth of helpful bacteria reducing stomach ailments.

BRATT diet is likewise the combination of BRAT diet along with tea. This helps the generation of helpful bacteria and also helps to replenish fluid that is lost.

The final decision from the pediatricians is that to follow BRATY or BRATT diet instead of BRAT diet for your toddlers. That is to say that instead of continuing totally with BRAT diet the diet should be remodeled and given to the toddlers for better health. This method of diet change will be helpful for the toddlers to recover soon and not to lose the vitality while they are sick. This modern approach is now followed by all pediatricians all over the world and should be followed by us for our toddlers.

We recommend to get an expert advice first before you decide any dish for diet. It will help you to prevent any kind of unwanted situations.

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