Bulgarian Split Squat – Steps, Variations and Benefits


Bulgarian elevated split squat is a slightly improvised version of the split squat with rear foot elevated. It mainly targets your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Thus, when it comes to building the lower body mass and improving your hip flexibility, this couch stretch is the perfect workout for you.

However, it might be a nightmare if performed in a wrong way. Yes, it should be done in a right manner to avail maximum benefits of this single-leg stretch.

Bulgarian Split Squat Guide
Bulgarian Split Squat Guide

When your front foot is too far forward, it causes all sorts of problems. You’re defeating the purpose of the movement, which is to go all the way down and develop full range of motion. – Men’s Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour

How to do Bulgarian Split Squat – The Right Way

  1. Find yourself a support to rest your foot. It should be your couch, table, bench, or any other contraption which needs to be your knee height.
  2. Take a forward lunge position with your back foot elevated on the bench.
  3. Keep your torso upright and your leading leg should not be too far from the bench.
  4. Now, slowly lower down until your front thigh is almost horizontal and your back foot knee in the line with the front leg foot.
  5. Try to maintain the right balance by preventing your front knee from going beyond the toes.
  6. Now, lift yourself up with the front heel back to the starting posture.

Keep repeating it for five to ten times and then you can change the leg.

Caution: To close distance to the stand may cause knee pain and if you keep your front leg far apart from the bench it may cause back pain. So, do experiment carefully to find the right distance that works best for you.

Bulgarian Split Squat Variations – Add More Challenge to your Workout

Once you master the basic level, it’s time to make it even more intense by adding some sort of challenge. There are several variations you can try to take one leg squat to the next level by adding of certain props like;

  • Gym Ball
  • Dumbbell
  • Goblet
  • Barbell
  • Smith Machine

You are actually adding more weight to your couch stretch by introducing such gym equipment.

The position would be the same in all variations but as you are lifting more weight, the balance would become more challenging. It will also put more emphasis on glutes, quads, and knee.

Make sure you don’t push yourself hard because if you fail, it might cause pain. So, do it under an expert supervision.

Bulgarian Split Squat Benefits – Give a Reason to Do It

The elevated split squat has many benefits to offer such as;

Improve the Posture

As it is all about the balance, it actually one of the best leg workouts to improve the posture.

Strengthen the Lower Body

Bulgarian Split Squat mainly targets lower body muscles including hips, quads, hamstrings, calfs, etc. Regular practice of it will build lower body muscles and dramatically improve your athletic performance.

Safe for Lower Back Injury

One leg squat is one of the safest alternatives to traditional back squat, especially when you got the lower back injury.

It creates minimal compression on your spine with lesser stress on the lower back which actually reduces the chances of getting lower back pain if done in the right form.

Limited Equipment Needed

Bulgarian split squat would be the best leg workout even when you don’t have access to heavy gym contraptions. You just need a good pair of dumbbells, a support to elevate your leg, and you are good to go.

In brief, Bulgarian split squat stretch is a terrific way to boost your leg workout. Just follow the instructions, precautions and start mastering this single leg stretch workout.

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