Butt Acne: 5 Major Causes Explained

Butt Acne Causes

Little bumps on buttocks (butt acne) are something which can make you mortified to go in the bikini. It can bring woes in your sex life and in the worst case can affect your day to day life as well.

Especially, girls feel more uncomfortable of getting butt pimples than boys. However, proper knowledge about its causative factors can help you to get rid of acne on the buttocks.

Let’s a deeper look into the butt acne causes;

Five Major Butt Acne Causes


Folliculitis is a kind of inflammation of a hair follicle can occur anywhere on your body. There are several things which cause such inflammation on buttocks such as friction between hair and tight clothes, and bacterial infection. Folliculitis is shallow little pus bumps which can be more itchy or irritating than painful.

Improper treatment or ignorance to folliculitis can lead to a more severe condition which is called Carbuncles. It is also known as boils, which can be more painful and can cause serious infection.

Get expert advice to get rid of such painful blemishes on the buttocks before it becomes worse and painful.

Tight Clothes

Surprised? Yes, your clothes can cause butt pimples especially tight clothing is more responsible for it.  Tight clothes double the possibilities of bad friction with hair and increase the chances to get above mentioned skin inflammations.

If you sweat a lot there than tight clothing is not a good choice for you. You should try something airy and loose to stay away from painful bumps.

Allergic Reaction

What could be the reason for butt acne if you are already used to wear loose clothes and not sweat a lot there? Sometimes, butt bumps can occur due to allergic reactions. If you are getting acne on buttocks because of some allergic reaction then it could be jeans allergy, food allergy and allergy of cosmetic products.

You should consult an expert dermatologist to know what allergy cause such itchy bumps on your buttocks and follow the proper healthy diet.


It is very true that stress can cause acne on your skin, but it is very surprising at least for me that women are more prone to get acne due to stress than men. Let’s know how stress aggravates acne.

Stress causes a kind of inflammatory response in the body which break the walls of clogged pores and body respond to it with redness around broken pores which gradually turns into itchy pimples.

A Higher level of androgen hormones in adrenal gland can also cause acne. Especially women are producing more androgen hormones in their adrenal gland, thus, women are more likely to get acne than man.


Adults are more likely to get acne than elders. What cause acne in adults? It could be stress or changes in hormones levels. These two are major reasons to get acne in teenage.

Butt acne is an annoying situation and not acceptable in the very young age. Such blisters can result in the permanent black spot on the skin if you will ignore butt bumps. We advise to consult experts at the very first stage of acne, will help you to know the responsible reasons behind its occurrence and you will successfully cope with it.

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