Calamansi Juice: Benefits, Side Effects, and Recipe

Calamansi Benefits

Calamansi is a fruit widely cultivated in the parts of south-east Asia mainly Philippines. It is an extremely sour fruit from the citrus variety, also known as Calamondin or Citrofortunella microcarpa (scientific name).

Calamansi juice is a popular drink in the parts of Asia due to its high nutrient content and antioxidant properties. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, potassium and also antioxidant like limonene.

The fruit can also be consumed in the form of jellies, dipping sauce and sorbets. You can also make desserts like delicious ice-creams using calamansi.

In this article, we will discuss Calamansi benefits, possible side effects and lip healthy juice recipe.

Let’s get started…

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Calamansi Juice

There are numerous benefits of calamansi juice, specifically on cough and cold. Let us look on the proven calamansi benefits on health.

1. Boost the Immune System

If you want to develop a strong immunity against common cold, flu and fever, then drink this juice on a regular basis. The ample amount of vitamin C and other minerals helps you to fight against viral and bacterial infections.

It also improves the production of white blood cells and controls the negative effects of free radicals.

2. Controls Cholesterol

Some studies have proved that this juice can help in lowering cholesterol levels thus lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke.

3. Weight Loss

This tropical juice is a master piece as natural therapy for weight loss like many other lime based juices. It has the ability to boost metabolism and eliminate toxins that are responsible for fat storage from our body. By increasing the metabolic rate, it aids in calorie burning.

4. Promotes Collagen Production

Vitamin C in calamansi is an essential element for collagen production. Collagen is required to create every tissue of our body. The juice delivers a lot amount of ascorbic acid that helps in repairing damage from injury, surgery or illness.

5. Stomach Health

In spite of having high citric acid level, it helps in lowering acidity thus controlling the risk of ulcers and diseases related to acid reflux due to its anti- inflammatory properties of tannins present on the rind of calamansi if consumed in moderation.

6. Skin Health

Calamansi juice is considered to be a skin tonic as it acts as a bleaching agent when applied on skin. It clears the blemishes and evens out the skin tone. The antioxidants present help in anti-aging and preventing wrinkles.

7. Kidney Health

Calamansi juice helps in stimulating urination and flushing out toxins. It is a powerful detoxifying agent that helps to maintain a healthy lever, kidney and gall bladder.

8. Oral Health

It can be used as a mouthwash as the vitamin C helps in tooth decay, loosening of teeth, bleeding of gums etc.

9. Regulates Bowel Movement

It regulates the bowel movement and prevents constipation by detoxifying the colon if consumed daily.

10. Respiratory Health

It helps soothing inflammation in the throat and respiratory tracts, although more research is needed to claim this health benefit.

Side Effects of Calamansi Juice

  • You should not consume in excess during pregnancy as it triggers heartburn.
  • It may cause indigestion, stomach ache or diarrhea if you take in excessive amount.
  • Unpasteurized juice, if consumed, it may lead to food-borne diseases.
  • It is not recommended for patients with kidney issues.

Calamansi Juice Recipe

Calamansi Juice Recipe
How to Make Calamansi Juice at Home

Are you feeling excited now to learn how to make refreshing Calamansi juice for a hot summer day?


  1. Calamansi fruits: 12-14
  2. Sugar or honey: ¾ cup
  3. Water: 2 cups


  1. Thoroughly wash all the fruits.
  2. Cut them into halves and squeeze the juice using a squeezer.
  3. Alternatively you can squeeze out the juice and carefully discard the seeds using a strainer.
  4. Add the honey or sugar with it and stir.
  5. Mix the entire concentrate with water in a container.
  6. Taste the juice and add extra sweetener if required.
  7. Refrigerate it and then enjoy the chilled version.

The Calamansi juice is great if consumed in limited quantity. You need to be cautious as it is highly acidic. It is also recommended as lemon or lime substitute.

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