Acting Like a Kid

How Can Acting Like a Kid Boost Your Mental and Physical Health


Do you often hear your parents, friends, or even you dog telling you that you need to grow up? If you’re the designated kid at any gathering, good for you. If not, it’s time you take a step back into your childhood and embrace the child that’s still living inside your heart, and you mind.

The child inside you wants to take you out for a thrilling ride, to turn your boring adult life into an adventure, don’t silence it, let it speak to you. So people will look at you funny, so what, your life is your own! Here’s how acting like a kid can benefit your physical and mental health, and transform your life completely.

De-Stress Like a Kid

A child is rarely stressed out if not confronted by bullies at school, or stern parents at home. Luckily, you’re not a kid anymore, so can enjoy the benefits of being a certified adult with a soul of a ten-year-old, by being the master of your own fate, and the creator of your own, serene reality.

A majority of adults in the modern, hectic environment are stressed, anxious and even depressed. Why would you allow yourself to fall prey to common mental illnesses like everyone else, when you can turn your gaze towards the positive, and imbue yourself with peace, serenity and happiness? Assume a kid’s perspective, and no challenge will be too great, no goal unreachable.

Dream Often and Dream Big

Stress is the silent killer of dreams, but if you act like a kid and look at the world through the prism of childhood enthusiasm and energy, there is nothing you won’t be able to achieve.

Thinking like a kid will open up your cluttered, adult mind to a world of new and exciting possibilities, whether those are quitting your job to become a professional koala hugger, or a contemporary artist. Suddenly, every idea dubbed crazy and unrealistic by the boring adult society will become feasible.

Fitness is All Around You

When you’re a kid, the world is your playground and you’re able to turn everything into a fun, healthful activity. Rather than burdening your mind, body and soul with mundane gym workouts, curling a dumbbell into infinity until you pass out from boredom, why not broaden your horizons and head out to create your own fitness adventure?

Regular physical activity has numerous health benefits, yet some people require more than a set of weights to stick to their fitness goals. So banish all thoughts of going to the gym and give your childish spirit the tools to make exercise a fun activity. Grab a pair of rollerblades, cruise around on a cool Bart Simpson skateboard, climb a freaking tree, it doesn’t matter because the world is your playground!

Love Unconditionally

Life shapes our hearts, our minds, and defines who we become. Somewhere along the way, the majority of people forget who they were, and how they used to love. You tell yourself that it’s only natural, that love is different than what you imagined it would be as a kid and unfortunately, persuade yourself that there is no such thing as unconditional love or a selfless heart.

However, if you allow your inner child to speak up, if you give it the helping hand it needs to reach the surface, it will take you back to a reality you thought was long lost. There is such a thing as a soulmate, selfless love does exist, you only need to let it find you, and consume you. Be a kid, and allow yourself to believe in love and before you know it, lifelong happiness will come knocking at your door.

It’s not easy letting your inner child guide you through life while you’re constantly surrounded by the boring reality of adulthood. Fortunately, with these benefits in mind, you can let your unwavering spirit cancel out the noise and eliminate the stress from your heart, guiding you through a lifetime of happiness and wellbeing.

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