Can Living in The City Ruin Your Healthy Lifestyle?


A fast-paced lifestyle, abundant availability of fast foods and air pollution all around seems like the perfect combination for an unhealthy lifestyle. Can living in the city destroy your healthy lifestyle?

Healthy Living is a Choice

You choose to live a healthy life. Your reason and motivation for choosing this lifestyle will not change once you move to the city.

Nutritious meals, drinking enough water daily and exercising regularly is a choice you make until it becomes a lifestyle. Once you settle into that lifestyle you will keep on living the healthy life no matter where you are living.

Finding the Right Apartment

A good broker can help you find the perfect NYC apartment rental that is close to a gym or park and within walking distance of your workplace. With a little bit of planning before renting an apartment, you can position yourself optimally to make it easier to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

There might be some challenges to healthy living in the city but there are just as many benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits of living in the city.

The City Has a Variety of Choices for Exercise

Whether you prefer to do yoga, CrossFit, jogging, playing a sport or rock-climbing, chances are that your type of exercise is available and easily accessible. You might even find a new type of exercise that you love or find cheaper ways to exercise. In New York specifically, Central Park offers a lot in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In small towns and in the countryside, you are limited to what is available, but in the city the choices are endless. If you don’t like the yoga instructor, there are ten more within a mile. If you feel that the gym is too expensive, there is a group of people meeting in the park and exercising together.

If you start thinking a bit creative, you can maybe earn some small income from walking dogs.

Availability of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

You have a bigger variety and availability of fresh fruit and veggies in the city. Yes, there are more fast food places but there are also more green choices. You have a greater choice of green teas and mineral water than you would anywhere else and the stores are most likely open until later in the evening as well.

The cost of fresh produce might surprisingly even be cheaper because the stores buy in bigger quantities.

Traffic in the City May Force You to opt for Walking

If you find an apartment close enough to your work you can choose to ride a bicycle or walk. This is a good alternative to the heavy traffic you find in cities and forces you to get a bit of daily exercise and fresh air.

Some Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for a healthy lifestyle in the city is the air pollution. Carbon emissions from vehicles have a greater impact on the environment in the city. Factories also play a more significant role in air pollution in the city.

Poor hygiene of city residents and garbage accumulating in streets can affect your health negatively and fight the healthy lifestyle you’ve established.

City living is normally quite rushed, and you need to manage your time so that you get a chance for regular exercise. It is easy to get too busy for exercise or too busy for cooking a healthy meal, but you must be persistent.


Even if there are challenges, healthy living is possible in the city. Your attitude towards your health will ultimately be the final decision in your success or failure.

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