Common Mole Vs Cancerous Mole

Common Mole Vs Cancerous Mole


Moles are there in the body and some of them remain while some vanishes with due time. The normal moles are not a problem but there are moles which can cause a greater problem.

There are much difference between a normal and cancerous mole. These are cancer causing moles which needs immediate attention. If these moles are not taken into consideration very early then later on the treatment can be very difficult. First thing is to understand how the cancerous mole is different from common moles.

Common Mole Vs Cancerous Mole and Ways to Differentiate both from Each Other

Color: The common moles are having the color of the skin. If the skin is dark or light the moles will be having the same color. The Cancerous mole has a different color or one can say they are multi-color. Only with the color difference, the cancerous mole can be detected. One can also check the color of a mole with other moles on the skin. Even a normal person has moles which are common.

Shape: The shape of a common mole is always round and circular. Even the edges of the mole are in circular shape. If a line is drawn around it then it will make a complete circle. The cancerous mole does not have a proper shape. They can be of any shape instead of having a circle. Just draw lines and see the difference and line will not be even near to a circle.

Duration Period: The common moles occur and vanish on their own. They are not harmful and can last for few minutes or for a whole day. The Cancerous moles stay on the body for a longer period of time and it’s really rare that they will vanish. Some can be lucky if this mole vanishes but still they are having the verge of getting cancer. The longer the mole stays on the body they are still very bad for the person.

Size: The sizes of common moles are not even too big or too small. They are having a very common size like the other moles on the body. The cancerous mole certainly has a bigger size and they do not look normal. They also evolve with time and become easy to see with naked eyes. The cancerous mole really looks ugly and gives a bad shape to the body posture.

Sensation: The moles are which is not giving any kind of sensation are common moles. If there is any un-comfort or burning sensations then these moles are indications of cancerous moles. The burning sensation never leaves and they keep on growing more and more. The sensation remains on the body for a longer period of time and needs a proper treatment to deal with this condition.

Itchiness: The common moles do give a feeling of itchiness but after itching, a person feels relaxed. Cancerous mole cause itching every now and then. They also make the person to scratch more and cause more itching feeling. It much more recommended not scratching them with nails. Use a cloth to do so and find a consultant that can examine it.

What to Do?

The first thing do is to find the nature of the mole. The normal mole always vanishes and does not stay on the body for a longer period of time. Even if it is normal mole then use a piece of cloth which is clean to rub around it. The nails can make the moles to bleed and make them more dangerous. Check with a doctor if there is any different sensation.

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