A Detailed Guide on Condyloma Acuminatum (Genital Warts)

Condyloma Acuminatum

Condyloma acuminatum also termed as Anal or Genital Warts happen due to HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). It is one of the most common STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) found, and many people are affected by it. It mainly affects the area in and, out the Anus, also covers the genital skin area. In the starting, they will look like a tiny spot like a pinpoint head. They grow in size rapidly and slowly it will cover the whole area. The best thing to do is to check daily or once in a week to make sure the pin head is not there.

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The Causes of Condyloma Acuminatum

The most common way a person can get this disease is through sexual intercourse. This disease is transferable and a person is really needed to take precautions. Also, sexual intercourse is not the only way. If the hands are having some germs or chemicals in their hands and they touch the anal part then also there are chances of having this disease. Dirty underclothes are also one that is the main cause as it is in the direct contact with the Genital Area.

Symptoms That Indicate About The Virus

Basically, this disease is painless and a person really does not have a problem while living with it. Many of the people who are suffering from it will never know that they are having it. Still, there are some ways to know that if a person is suffering from it or not.  The common symptoms are Mucus discharge, Itching, Bleeding and a feel of lump around the anal area.  The main symptom is to find a bump near the anal area. It might look like a flesh which is soft to touch and has a light color.

How to Prevent Condyloma Acuminatum?

The main cause is the HPV Virus and it can be in the body without a person knowing for a longer period of time. Still here are some steps which can help to prevent the Condyloma acuminatum.

  • Don’t have sexual contact with several people as this will increase the chances of getting infected.
  • If a person is having Anal or Genital Warts then don’t even think about having a sexual intercourse with them. Keeping oneself save is the topmost priority.
  • Have sexual contact with one person. This is the best way of making sure that you won’t be getting this disease.
  • Have a condom while making love. It certainly not prevents the risk but surely reduces it.
  • Have a check of oneself and the partner with STD, even if there are none.

Treatment Method

When the warts are not treated on time then they will certainly increase and the risk of having a Gentile Cancer increases. The treatment is done on the type of Condyloma acuminatum a person is suffering from.

  1. Tropical method: This method only works when the warts are founded on the outside. The Creams are the best but only when the warts are at initial stages. Liquid nitrogen is one way of making warts to freeze. The Trichloroacetic acid is another way of burning those warts.
  2. Surgical Method: Surgery will only take place when warts had grown in size or numbers. A local anesthetic is given but depends on the location and size of warts. If the person is having multiple warts then the surgery will take place on different days.

The warts are dangerous and can also be treated but the main thing to do is have a self-check. There are already medications presents which can cure warts early on. Still, after surgery a person can return to their normal life and some medications are prescribed to them.

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