How to Do “Crow Pose” Yoga Like A Pro?

Crow Pose

In this guide, I will discuss how to do Crow Pose (Bakasana in Sanskrit), benefits, precautions, and different variations in detail with an aim to make you master of this asana.

Crow pose or Crane pose, helps you to find your body’s center of gravity.

Your body will distribute the weight equally and gradually you can balance your body in this pose.

Initially, for newbies, to tackle the pose may turn into some gymnastic activity. Not to worry, the empowering and inspiring yoga instructors have told us to understand the basics of this crow position.

Your arm strength, body’s flexibility, focus, and preparation are the key aspects that you should master.

Don’t let the thought sink in that this is for the thin, fit, and fearless lot. Use your difficulties and discomfort as the motivation to try it with more effort.

Follow the step by step method to conquer the dreadful crow pose. Keep practicing with a can-do attitude until you pop-up the floor on your own.

What Are The Benefits Of Crow Pose?

Mastering crow pose will help you to increase your core strength along with your increment in body balancing.

The wrist and forearm muscles will get strengthen while holding your upper back.

You will gain your body control and explore the various yoga poses that are more challenging.

It improves full-body coordination and provides the tightening of your abdominal muscles.

A calm mind can be achieved after successful completion of this yoga pose, thus reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

You will enjoy a focused mind-set with healthy self-awareness.

When You Should Not Practice Crane Pose?

Pregnant women should not attempt this pose.

Try not to practice Crow pose if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or if you have any arm or shoulder injury.

Understand your limits and abilities and act accordingly.

In case of any medical concern, it is advised to take your doctor’s opinion before going for this yoga.

How To Do Crow Pose Yoga: Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Start with ‘Tadasana’ or the Mountain pose. Keep your arms at your sides while breathing steadily.

Step 2

Gently bend your knees and bring your arms down. Place your palms in front of your feet flat on the ground keeping it a shoulder’s distance apart.

Step 3

Spread your fingers and apply pressure on the top joint of every finger.

Step 4

Slowly bend your elbows in the back direction but do not head into a full ‘Chaturanga’ arms.

Step 5

Then try to come up on your feet while opening your knees and make them line up with your upper arms.

Step 6

Now you have to put your knees on the back of your upper arms.

Step 7

Lift your head and bring your weight to fall onto your hands. Focus your eyes in between the hands or at a point ahead of it.

Step 8

Here you have come to your tiptoes position. Now lift one foot from the ground followed by the other. Keep balancing your torso on the arms. Let the pressure falls evenly on the palms and fingers.

Step 9

Keep your knees closed towards the midline. Keep your feet closed to your buttocks.

Step 10

Hold in this pose for at least 1 minute.

Step 11

To realize from this pose, bring your feet down and let the weight fall on the floor while exhaling throughout.

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while doing Bakasana.

Tips To Follow While Practicing Bakasana

Practicing Bakasana (Crow pose) can be a bit of a challenge for you as it requires mental strength more than your physical strength. Follow some precautionary measures before jumping into this pose.

  1. Keep a pillow or two in front of you to safeguard your head and face if you toppled forward.
  2. Initially, try only to lift one leg first followed by the other. Later, when you will master that, continue to lift both the legs together.
  3. Whenever you feel pain on your wrist, transfer the weight on to the fingers.
  4. Let your spine be round.
  5. Keeping your head up will prevent you from toppling down.
  6. Do not let your elbows widened apart from your sides.
  7. Keep your arms straight while doing and remember it is ok to fall or topple quite a few times before you master this pose.

Try Some Modifications And Variations

Many more like you are present who will find this pose difficult. You can opt for a little modified pose before you build up your confidence. You can begin by keeping blocks under your feet to make it simple.

Later for variations, you can try out Side Crow pose. When you will master crow pose, you can move to a Tripod Head Stand. To add an element of challenge, you can jump back to ‘Chaturanga’ pose.

Practice and patience are the two most important parts of your yoga routine. Keep your dedication close and frustration away.

Hope you find this guide on “Crow Pose” helpful. If yes, then do share it with other newbie yoga practitioners and help to to master the Bakasana.

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