Dr. Sep Pouresa: 3 Secrets to Balance Dental School and Residency with Fitness Competitions


Dr. Sep Pouresa is both an INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) and IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics) Men’s physique athlete residing in San Francisco, California.

When he is not smashing workouts at the gym and prepping monstrous meals, he is working as a general and cosmetic dentist in the city.

Over the years, Dr. Pouresa learnt to master work life balance earning not only a kinesiology degree and a dental doctorate, but also the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for his academic standing and positive community involvements.

Building muscle, reducing body fat and perfecting posing are few of many important building blocks of Men’s Physique Bodybuilding competitions. Competitors are then judged based on body conditioning, stage presence, muscularity and shape symmetry. Achieving it naturally takes many years of preparation, perseverance and consistency.

Dr. Pouresa crushing it at Equinox in San Francisco shown on Instagram (@dr.spouresa)

Image via Instagram @dr.spouresa

3 Behaviors that Dr. Pouresa Showcased on Instagram

Early Mornings

Dr. Pouresa was notoriously known to wake up at 4am every morning to workout or engage in intense cardio sessions before going to clinic. Waking up early also provided him with enough time during the day to consume 6-7 meals.

Have a Plan

Having a schedule set up and staying organized will allow you to stay on top of every micro-goal you need to achieve each day. Dr. Pouresa would write down on his phone every task he needed to achieve the night before.

Relentless Work-ethic

Dr. Pouresa has no filter when it came to engaging in a relentless work-ethic. No matter how dark or how cold it was outside, he would wake up and crush a workout. Every task had to be treated and mastered as if it was his last time doing it.  

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