Encephalitis Success Story

Encephalitis Survivor Wendy Station Gives Her Exclusive Interview to DishforDiet


Hey Folk, today I am going to share my exclusive conversation about Encephalitis with 62 year old Wendy Station. She is a Encephalitis survivor and sharing her experiences like how she got this brain disease, what steps she took to recover from it, what diet she followed, etc.

In her recent interview with Dish for Diet she has explained her personal insights with an aim to spread the awareness about the encephalitis which is also known as inflammation of the brain. Let’s start from her brief introduction;

Wendy Station
Wendy Station Full Name: Wendy Station
Age: 62 Years Old
Born in: 1955
Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Profession: Founder & President of Encephalitis Global

My Conversation With Wendy About Encephalitis

Me – Tell Me Little More About you Wendy

Wendy Station – I am a wife and mother of three (adult) children.  Previous to encephalitis
I worked as a secretary in the engineering department of our municipal government. I also designed and presented classes teaching the English language to new Canadians.

I am now the founder and president of Encephalitis Global, a USA non-profit charity. I spend hours every day helping others understand encephalitis.

It is very important for me to confirm your understanding that I am NOT a medical professional. My words come only from knowledge acquired after my own encephalitis. Any person seeking assistance should contact a medical professional.

Me – Can you Explain Little Facts About Encephalitis Disease?

Wendy Station – The word “encephalitis” means “inflammation of the brain.” Thus, the
encephalitis is gone when the inflammation is gone… usually within 10 to 14 days with infectious encephalitis. Most survivors of encephalitis are left with an encephalopathy – a reduction or degeneration of brain function due to disease.

Me – At What Age Did you Suffer From Encephalitis?

Wendy Station – I had encephalitis (HSE) in April of 1999 at the age of 44.

Me – What are the causes of Encephalitis?

Wendy Station – Infectious encephalitis is caused by bacteria or a virus attacking the brain. The most common causes include herpes simplex virus (HSV) and arbovirus (bite from a mosquito or tick).

Autoimmune encephalitis happens when the immune system (the body’s defence system) attacks the body’s own brain.  When our immune system makes the mistake to assume that a healthy part of our body is harmful, our body can commence destruction of healthy tissue; this response is known as autoimmunity.

Other types of germs that may cause of encephalitis are bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Unfortunately, in more than 50% of diagnosed cases, the cause of encephalitis is not known.

Me – What Are the Symptoms of Encephalitis?

Wendy Station – Early symptoms of encephalitis can include a headache, a temperature,
feeling unwell and aching… rather like having the flu. Symptoms can progress into a sensitivity to bright light, seizures, drowsiness, confusion, change in personality, weakness and loss of consciousness.

Me – What Treatments you Got to Recover From it?

Wendy Station – Typically, the encephalitis (inflammation) has caused damage and destruction which cannot be measured until the swelling subsides.

Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is progressive, and must be swiftly diagnosed and treated with medication (acyclovir) to cease the progress of the swelling. HSE has a 70% fatality rate if left untreated.

Arboviral encephalitis (inflammation) usually subsides after 10-14 days.

Autoimmune encephalitis can be caused by a number of reasons and has a number of treatments.

Post-encephalitis, the survivor will benefit from treatment for physical, speech, cognitive and behavioral issues, as the brain struggles to re-learn the skills and abilities which have been lost. Recovery post-encephalitis is not measured in weeks or months, but in years. Due to the plasticity of the brain, recovery continues for the rest of the survivor’s life.

I often speak to brain injury groups about recovery and often people asked me one question that how long does it take to recover? You can watch my presentation below to get answer of this question…

Me – Did you Try any Home Remedies for it?

Wendy Station – Sleep is important – most survivors nap morning and afternoon in the early days post encephalitis.

Me – According to you, What Are the Best Resources to Educate Our Self about Encephalitis?

Wendy Station –   To learn more, visit

  1. Encephalitis Global’s website at www.encephalitisglobal.org.
  2. To discuss encephalitis, join Encephalitis Global’s Inspire Forum at https://www.inspire.com/groups/encephalitis-global/. This forum has welcomed more than 6,000 international members including 131 members from India. Here, encephalitis survivors and caregivers share information and support, every day.

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