A Fit Life Is a Happy Life


Fit Life – What Does it Mean?

A fit life is one in which you’re doing what your body wants it to be. In proper shape according to you. It does not mean in any way to have huge muscles like that are represented in fitness magazines. That kind of body structure and shape could or could not be for you, which means if you want to stay fit eat a proper diet according to your need and exercise with it. And I don’t even mean going to the gym and bench-pressing 300 lbs. straight away, it’s not like that. What I mean is just have a healthy routine, in which you could jog, run, and do yoga or anything that burns fat off your body. Anything is going to be fine until and unless you start exceeding the limit, whether it be eating too much or even exercising too much. Both could be and would be bad for you. So staying fit is properly tuning your body to its needs.

Fit Life – How to Get There?

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I explained what a fit life was but the question that arguably comes to mind is that how to I get there? Well there are two aspects to this discussion.

Healthy Diet

A healthy Diet is a pretty self-explanatory detail for a fit body,   the answer is simple, and as long as you’ll keep eating greasy food with high calorie contents you’ll never have a fit lean body. Therefore try to introduce healthy food in your diet which wouldn’t fatten you up and turn you into a couch potato. A healthy diet would constitute in you eating food with high fiber content such as broccoli. High doses of fruits and vegetables are also great for you and will provide you with the nutrition your body needs.

Scheduled Exercise

Exercise is a great way for your body to release the fat you take in. It’ll keep you fit and healthy and you’ll have a strong shape in no time. You will need to be organized with your workout though, have a proper schedule for the entire activity and don’t quit in between your routine. Follow through your schedule till the end, and see the results for yourself.

Exercise is not only constituent to lifting weights, you can jog, have a run.  Boxing is also a great sports if you need to burn out some calories so grab some boxing gloves and start punching if you want to get fit.

How Fitness is Essential for Happiness?

Some might argue that happiness and fitness are two completely different features of life but I believe that it’s not true. I’ll go to lengths and say this, happiness is at the mercy of fitness. A person whose fit is bound to have a better life, because of all the perks that come with staying fit. Here are some reasons how fitness meets happiness on a road to a better and healthy life:

Fitness and your Mood

Physical activity which leads to fitness is a great way to improve your mental health as well. Sources say that physical work out encourages the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals from your brain that help you to stay in a better mood and you feel calmer and more comfortable in your environment.

Fitness and your Confidence

When a person exercises at regular basis they get a better body structure. Whenever he/she looks at his/her self in the mirror they feel more confident about themselves. This increases their morale and they feel good about their appearance. Self-esteem and self-appreciation are a key to a pleasant life. So go on feel good about yourself!

Fitness and your Drive

There is a difference between energies of a healthy person and one who eats unhealthy. A healthy person who eats a proper diet has a well maintained energy level of his body. Regular work out gives you more energy, this happens because work out helps get nutrients and oxygen to your tissues much faster than normal. This aids your heart to work better, and consequently you have more energy for the day and you work more.

Exercise also help you sleep better thus reducing unsatisfactory sleep and further reducing the risk for diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Fitness and Your Life

People that exercise tend to live longer, so if you plan on seeing your grand kids growing up I suggest you pick working out soon.  Fitness as I said before is crucial for healthy and happy life. You’ll stay away from all the bad habits, live a longer life and therefore be pleased forever.

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