Incredible Fitness Benefits of Playing Basketball

Benefits of Playing Basketball

Do you know that the daily practice of playing basketball can actually help you to stay fit? If not, then I invite you to read this post to know the fitness benefits of playing basketball.

Basketball is one of the most eminent sports around the globe. Not only this sport is widely viewed and adored all over the world but also people play basketball for fun as well as professionally. This amazing game invented in 1981 is not only a game but is also an amazing health boosting activity.

In fact, the game was invented as a form of fitness activity when the inventor Dr. James was unable to keep up to gym sessions during rainy days and wanted to stay fit.

This team sport offers some incredible fitness benefits and thus, is considered as a sport that you can also play for achieving some fitness goals.

So let’s take a tour of the fitness benefits that basketball offers.

Five Fitness Benefits of Playing Basketball

1. It improves Bone Strength

Basketball is a high intensity sport in which all your muscles and bones get involved. This cardiovascular and weight bearing sport helps you focus on your weight and improve bone strength. This sport includes running and jumping which is a fabulous way to strengthen your bones and building muscles.

The more you apply pressure and weight on your bones, the more the bones get strengthened. The intensity of basketball leads to osteoblast which then leads to improved bone mass and denser bones. Developed and stronger bones can prevent bone diseases as well as any damage or fracture and thus, basketball is a great sport for bones.

2. It Helps in Lowering Stress

Playing basketball with your friends or family members is the best way to wave stress a goodbye. While playing basketball, you socialise with your friends and enjoy the active and refreshing gaming environment. This can have a very progressive and positive impact on your overall health.

Today’s competitive and fast paced lifestyle can lead to excessive stress and basketball can help you fight stress while collaborating with people who make you happy.

Not only your physical health gets benefited but also your mental health improves as you hang out with people, show your team playing spirit and boost your self esteem while playing basketball.

3. Basketball is Good for Heart Health

Basketball is a rigorous sport in which, a lot of running and jumping is involved. This means it is basically a cardio workout which leads to improved heart health. When you run back and forth for hours, it makes your heart pump faster and more rigorously.  This high paced game increases your heart health and breathing and this directly improved your cardiovascular system. Improved cardiovascular health means improved blood and oxygen flow.

This means, while playing basketball, you simply reduce your chances of getting high blood pressure, heart-related disease, prevent heart attacks and lead a healthy life.

4. Boosts Brain Functioning and Motor Skills

If you want to boost mental fitness and motor skills, choose basketball as your ultimate workout sport. This amazing game requires instant decision making skills and concentration. It is a game in which, you have to study and analyze your opponents and prepare quick strategies for making decisions. This helps you easily deal with some complex real life situations and make quick decisions.

Your mental reaction time and your cognitive behaviour changes as you start to prepare quick decisions for winning your game. You will witness the results during different situations like while taking tests and quizzes, taking decisions at jobs and such tasks that require mental processing.  Thus, basketball improves cognitive function and decision making.

5. Helps You Lose & Balance Weight

If you are willing to lose weight, playing a few games of basketball every week can help you. Basketball is a high paced game in which, you have to run constantly for hours and this means, you will burn a sober number of calories. This amazing game makes you burn around 600-900 calories which is quite an amazing number if you want to lose weight.

When you play the long hour basketball game, it will not only increase your heart rate but will also improve metabolism and burn fat. So if you want to lose weight or balance your current weight, play basketball few days a week and stay fit.

Apart from this, basketball also improves self discipline, boosts immunity, increases strength and helps the body improve in different ways. There are ample of benefits of playing basketball and you can start playing it for any of the above given reasons. So if you haven’t still snatched the ball, start it as soon as possible and enjoy the variety of benefits this amazing sport offers or you can view more on, this website helps you to get started with this game even from the scratch.

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