7 Gameday Nutrition Tips to Fuel Up Your Athletic Performance

Gameday Nutrition Tips

Below gameday nutrition tips will surely help moms to prepare healthy meal plan for her young athlete in the house.

Young athletes require optimal nutrition to maintain their stamina and recovery from strenuous training. Thus, Mommy should know how to plan meals to meet energy demands of your kid before and after the Game day.

Let’s check out 7 gameday nutrition tips that help you to boost the athletic performance of your young sporty guy.

Best Gameday Nutrition Tips for Everyday Athletes

1) Addition of Carbs in Diet is Recommended

Choose quality carbohydrates known to provide sustained energy such as whole grain cereal (Oatmeal), whole grain breads, low fat dairy products (Milk & Yogurt), fresh fruits and vegetables, crackers, pasta, potatoes.

First 30 minutes after tiring training sessions make your muscles more hungry for food. During this period, sport drinks, cold juice and protein bars are recommended to boost your recovery process.

2) Protein is the Prime Need

According to, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians of Canada and the American College of Sports Medicine –

1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day for athletes is recommended.

Active athletes need protein to build and repair hardworking muscles. Their diet must contain healthy sources of protein such as eggs, whole-grain toast, fruits, whole-grain bread, raw veggies, plant based proteins like tofu, beans, etc.

Besides it, you can go with medically approved protein powders and shakes and bars.

3) Keep Fat at Bay Before the Gameday

Eliminating fatty foods before the practice is advisable as they are known to slow down the digestion process which is not good for athletes.

Habit of eating foods full of fat like deep fried and greasy foods, fatty desserts can make you tired and sluggish.

Thus it is wise to skip fries or Pizza before the Gameday to keep the fat content as lower as much possible.

4) Healthy Food Storage

Lack of knowledge about food storage can be dangerous for your young athlete.

Poor food storage can spoil your food and cause food poisoning (Nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea).

If you don’t want to make your athlete slow down, then feed them healthy fresh food only.

Store foods like snacks made with mayonnaise in cooler places to sustain the freshness and to prevent spoilage.

5) Keep Up the Body Hydrated

Being a guardian, you should always keep an eye on the fluid flow your kid is getting throughout the day.

Dehydration can affect the performance of your kid on the field and thus you need to keep your athlete hydrated.

It is recommended to drink lots of water two to three hours before the game.

During the game, half cup of water every 15 minutes is suggested to replace the water lost through sweat.

For training sessions under 60 minutes, water still be athlete’s go-to drink and for sessions over an hour needs sport drinks for more electrolytes.

6) Timing for Eating is Everything

When you eat before and after the game is an essential factor you should take into consideration very carefully.

Wrong timing of eating can negatively affect your activeness and performance on the field.

Our body takes two to three hours to digest regular meals and needs at least one hour for small snack.

Thus, it is always suggested to load up your body with healthy foods four to five hours before any athletic event.

7) Low Fat Milk is Like Icing on the Cake

Do you know that fat free and low fat milk is a great recovery drink after an intense workout? Yes, Milk is often overlooked sport drink that comes with lots of healthy nutrients.

One cup of milk not only meet your young athlete’s fluid needs but also provide 15% to 24% protein most young kids need in a day.

Any athlete needs strong bones to maintain their optimum performance. Milk is a good source of calcium which is responsible for strong bone growth.

Besides it, milk contains carbohydrates, minerals and essential vitamins.

In brief, proper nutrition is the top secret for optimal performance on the field. Hope you find aforementioned gameday nutrition tips useful, if yes then don’t forget to share with others on social media.

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