Gel vs Acrylic Nails

Gel vs Acrylic Nails – Get The “Real Difference”


Many women find confusing when it comes to get the difference between Gel Nails Vs Acrylic Nails. Thus, we have tried to help you out by explaining the actual difference between gel vs acrylic.

Women possess a large number of options to choose from when they hit the salon, in order to get the nails done. If one is considering the false nail application, then one may be asked whether they wish for gel or acrylic nails to be applied.

An individual who is new to this may want to know which is better gel nails or acrylic nails?. They might even want to know what the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails is?

Before an individual makes a decision between gel vs acrylic nails, here is what they need to know.

Gel vs Acrylic Nails – Everything You Should Know

About Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a standard staple in the beauty industry for many years, and the staying power of the acrylic nails have contributed to its continuous fame. The acrylics are applied by using a liquid monomer as well as a powder polymer in order to make a strong protective layer on the natural nails. The acrylics only becomes hard when they are exposed to air. Once the acrylic becomes hard, it gives a perfect canvas to apply a nail color.

About Gel Nails

The gel nail application gives the strength of the acrylic nails with the look of the natural nails. Unlike the acrylic nails, the gel nails only become hard when they are exposed to the UV light. The gel polishes are very similar to the nail polish – there is a base coat, a color polish, and a top coat.

Each of the coat has to be cured by using the UV light for a time period of around two to three minutes. Both the types of nails undergo a chemical process in order to bond with the natural nail. But, there is some difference between acrylic and gel nails.

Difference Between The Gel and Acrylic Nails

Most of the artificial nail enhancements are made of the ingredients coming from the acrylic family. But, just as the products are created from an acrylic family does not mean that they are just the same.

Acrylic nail enhancements are usually a liquid monomer combined with a polymer powder solution. The nail experts spend a lot of time and effort practicing, in order to get the perfect chemical blend or mix a ratio. It should be not to wet as well as not very dry.

Gel is as always a thick mixture. It may come in a bottle or it might come in a pot. But it is never mixed at the moment as it is the case with acrylic. It is generally cured using a UV or a LED lamp.

While both the types of the nails can be done at home, the application may be best left to an expert. The Acrylic nail fumes might overwhelm an individual at the house. Also, without the UV light, one may not be able to get the gel nails to get hard.

While considering the acrylic versus gel nails finishing touches, an individual can paint, or they can do a French tip, or they can create other designs on either of the type of the nails. Some people might think that airbrushing appears better on the gel nails since they possess a comparatively glossier finish.


The most important decision is to seek for a really good nail expert. One can interview the nail expert about his work experience and the expertise. One can also sit in to watch the process with any another client.

If an individual chooses to do their own gel nails, one must do a good amount of research to find out the best line of products which they wish to purchase.

The nails are a very important part of our body. The modern-day enhancement materials are safe only if they are used correctly. Thus, it is necessary to think carefully as well as choose wisely.

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