Good Morning Exercise Ideas to Start a Day in a Healthy Way

Good Morning Exercise

When it comes to getting up and exercise in the morning there is nothing more difficult than that for those who hate to wake up early in the morning. But waking up early morning is just like taking all blessings from God as it benefits in many ways. I was also there in the queue of haters but believe me, now I cannot imagine a day without a good morning exercise.

One who hates to wake up early morning need not worry because I am going to make it as easier as possible. In this article, I am going to mention that how to start with gentle movements which leads to the big result, the movement which stretches & strengthen your entire body while getting the blood pumping.

So, first of all, have look on rewards which you get from putting efforts to these exercises

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Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Morning Exercise Boost your Physical & Most Important Mental Energy

From scientific research it is proven that tremendous movement done at morning is the source of energy to the whole body taking from your brain to each and every part of your body, you will be in a better mood & active for a whole day and certainly, you will be a better partner, colleague & friend.

One psychologist at Duke University have researched the effects of exercise on a depressed patient and he concluded that morning workout has a definite role in preventing people from relapsing.

Morning Workout Enhances your Metabolism

One study showed that candidate burns an extra 190 calories in 14 hours after exercise when compared to those who didn’t exercise at all!

Whenever you eat, your body perform one of the three operations on calories you take in –

  1. It can be used as a source of energy.
  2. It can be stored for future use (fat).
  3. It can also be used to replenish your body.

Then what you choose? If you eat after your workout all the calories you take in is used to build or replenish your body and you are providing calories to meet higher metabolic needs.

Early Morning Workouts will Lead to Developing Strong Self-Discipline

Just like any other habit discipline of waking up early and exercise every morning influences other successive activities, it develops self-discipline & self-direction quality.

Wake Up Exercises Will Help you to get Better Sleep

This is just because at the end of the day your body will enjoy a healthy sense of fatigue and will ready to take a deep sleep. One theory suggested that the one who prefers workout at morning has the longest and deepest sleep as compared to others who did this at any other time or who didn’t try it at all.

Best Good Morning Exercises you can Try at Home

Cat Camel Stretch

Stretching exercise is useful to build up muscles and preventing is great for spinal flexibilities, this is a good warm-up exercise.


  1. Get down on your palms and knees
  2. Place your palms perpendicular to your shoulder and knees under hips. Make sure that your back straight makes your body postures especially your back like a camel.
  3. Relax your head in order to drop-down round your back up towards the ceilings till you feel a good stretch.
  4. Breath-out and hold on in this position for 15 sec.
  5. Lift your head up & breath in allow your back to sway and stretch your lower back hold on in this position for 15 sec, this is the cat position.
  6. Now repeat this 4/5 times.

Jumping Jacks

This exercise is great for cardiovascular health and also for building muscle.


  1. Stands up on both the feet together.
  2. Jump with spreading your arms straight to your shoulder and legs.
  3. Return to the first position and keep doing this number of times you are comfortable to
  4. Note: while spreading your legs make sure it does not bend

Balancing Table Pose

This exercise is basically a classic yoga pose. This benefits the spine and increases the concentration.


  1. Get down on all fours i.e. your  shoulder over the wrist and hips over the knees and make body posture like a table.
  2. Then without lifting your shoulder push your hips and back forward and take care this time your back should be straight. now push your back reverse without lifting your shoulder finally come in the center your table position and your spine is straight now.
  3. Then lift your right leg and left arm up and parallel to flour stretch your entire body such that you are trying to reach your arm and that leg at the same time.
  4. Hold on for 8/9 sec and repeat this for another pair.
  5. Repeat this whole procedure for 4-5 times


Pushups will help you to replenish your body and stay fit.


  1. Lay down with face down in this your body held up with your arm length.
  2. Your hands should be in line with your shoulder breath in as you lower your body.
  3. Now exhale and get back to your original position i.e. your body
  4. Note: beginners should try this with small numbers of push-ups

Go for a Walk or a Run

This will be best if you do it outside because with this you connect with Mother Nature and yes walking inside on a treadmill is not bad. Set your goals every day which should somewhat longer than the previous one. This will keep you healthy not only from physical view but also mentally.

All the workouts which have mentioned can be done at home these exercises will benefit you at its peak when you do it at the right time which is in between 6:30 a.m. To 7:00 a.m. This can be considered as the right startup to exercise for beginners.

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