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Health Alarm! For Adults Buying Human Breast Milk


Wired craze for buying human breast milk seems increasing online among adults. Sellers are aggressively promoting it on websites, forums and social media sites. Such lucrative marketing by promoters represent human breast milk as more digestible and contains healthy immune building nutrients. Some of them are describing it as very clean food that can help to gain strong muscles. Thus, half of buyers are those who do regular workout.

Forgive me, but I have to warn all of those who are depending on human breast milk to gain big muscles or to heal different health issues. Recently, many news channels have raise health alert for online human breast milk buyers because it can cause severe health issues.

Yet, it is not scientifically approved that direct consumption of human breast milk provides healthy medicinal properties to your body. Many health experts consider it as hazardous if used to replace your regular balanced diet. According to Dr Sarah Steele – “While breast milk is optimal nutrition for infants, adults don’t get the benefits and might be risking their health”. Human breast milk selling online is not properly posturized and not that tasty as well, which increase the possibilities of having bacterial infections. During postpartum period women are more likely to exposed different viruses that they unknowingly pass on to the consumers of the milk that lead to severe health problems such as hepatitis, HIV, and Syphilis.

Never been caught by any kind of miss leading marketing of human breast milk. Sellers claim that it helps to get fast muscular body, it also helps with erectile dysfunction and cancer which have no scientific base.

Dr Sarah Steele also added “Potential buyers should be made aware that no scientific study evidences that direct adult consumption of human milk for medicinal properties offers anything more than a placebo effect”.

We advise to get expert advice for any kind of health problems instead of governed by such fake and scientifically not approved marketing products.

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