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Health and Wellness Benefits Of A TENS Unit


Despite trying to stay as healthy and conscious about taking care of your body as possible, there are always ways to improve on the goal. With the onslaught of issues and conditions that have relatively run a muck in society, even the most health conscious individual is not immune to having a health crisis. It’s also important to note that accidents can happen to anyone and the level of care and ways to improve symptoms suffered from can vary.

A Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) unit is a great machine to have on hand for a myriad of reasons. It can help to alleviate specific issues and improve your overall health, comfort, and quality of life.

A TENS unit is a compact machine that uses electric impulses to deliver direct low-level vibrations to the muscles. They typically come with adhesive pads that can be placed directly over the area of the body that needs treatment. Here are key ways a TENS unit can be beneficial.

Benefits of TENS Unit

Helps to Relieve Pain

One of the most popular uses that a TENS unit has is its ability to help lessen and mitigate pain. The types of pain this helps runs the gamut. It is helpful for migraines, sprained or twisted joints, and even back pain.

The TENS unit is able to use the body itself in a proactive way to help relieve some of the pain experienced. The pulses help to release endorphins by stimulating the area where the pain is localized. This works as a natural painkiller without the need to pop a pill or waiting a period of time for it to kick in.

Can Retrain Nerves

Nerve damage can result from accidents: such as a bad burn, a fall or even a car collision. Once the healing process has been underway, any hope that the damage can be reversed entirely may start to look bleak.

Of course, this depends on the severity of the injury. But that damage can potentially lead to years of pain or even loss of movement. With a TENS unit, the disruption of the nerves through the vibrations can not only lessen the pain experienced, but it can also retrain the nerves.

TENS units are often used by physical therapists in this way. The user’s muscles can be activated via the electrodes to retrain brain and nerve pathways. With consistent usage and over time, this can lead to regaining the mobility and dexterity lost from an injury or accident.

Muscle Massager

There are benefits in using a tens unit for less severe injuries as well. For specific aches and pains that localize in the muscles, this can be an excellent option. Some TENS units also come with massage options that allow the unit to provide specific pulse patterns that can be used to relax and even loosen tension in the muscle.

Many TENS units offer the choice of varying intensity levels which can give the muscle a high, medium or low amount of electrical output. For those who feel tension in their legs, arms or back, this is a great option. If you’re unsure whether a specific unit has these properties, check out some tens unit reviews and choose an option that does.

Reduces Inflammation

Whether inflammation is felt, in your feet, hands or joints, this unit can be a great way to provide you with some much-needed relief. The presence of inflammation can further increase the likelihood of experiencing pain and discomfort. When the muscle is stimulated correctly, there is a direct positive reaction that occurs at a deep level within the fiber of the muscle itself. Inflammation is a precursor to pain. In that, it puts the body in a state where it is compromised and uncomfortable, unable to move as it once did. TENS units can alleviate this issue.

One of the best things about this form of therapy is that it allows an alternative option for pain treatment and management that is affordable. Habit forming medication can become expensive quickly, in addition to it being potentially dangerous if too much is taken. Surgery is also incredibly costly.

TENS units where, years ago, only an option that could be used in doctor’s offices or with physical therapists becomes of the costs associated with the units. Now, smaller, handheld units have made them more accessible to the masses.

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