Health Benefits of Spa Baths

Irrefutable Health Benefits of Spa Baths


Every once in a while, a relaxing hot bath is exactly what the doctor orders – especially after a hard day’s work. Most of the lucky people who own a spacious tub in their bathroom take an occasional dip without thinking of it as something more than a relaxation session. However, hot baths have some striking positive effects on the body, and if you are interested to find out more about them, here are the irrefutable health benefits of spa baths.

Health Benefits of Spa Baths

It Improves Cardiovascular Health

Did you know that immersing yourself in hot water puts your heart in a workout mode? When you jump into the water up to your neck, the water puts pressure on your body, which tends to increase your cardiac volume and, therefore, makes your heart work harder. Additionally, the hot temperature makes your muscles and your blood vessels relax and expand, which is beneficial for the overall blood circulation in your body.

It is a form of Painkiller

Have you ever had a searing headache and, instead of stuffing yourself with medication, you went under a hot shower to alleviate it? It almost universally helps, and imagine the result if you tripled the time under your shower. If you fill your tub with hot water and spend some time relaxing in your makeshift spa, even the worst pain tends to go away. It can also help in the case of muscle pulls, arthritis pain and general athletic injuries that are on recovery. However, it will not be that helpful in case of severe injuries like a broken bone.

Body Cleansing

One of the crucial metabolic effects of a spa bath is opening up your body pores. With the right water temperature, your pores will release extra oil from your skin, along with dead cells and toxins. Put on your favorite type of relaxing music, light a few scented candles and lie down in the hot water for at least twenty minutes for the best toxin-releasing effect. Additionally, your skin will look noticeably better after a hot bath. Do this often enough, and you’ll save quite a penny on your beauty salon excursions.

It Helps with Weight Loss and Diabetes

By this point, spa baths begin to appear as a cure-for-all, but medical studies have confirmed this as a fact: spa baths, especially regular ones, can help reduce blood glucose levels. They also promote weight loss, but you’d need to take regular spa baths for a noticeable effect. Six baths a week, each lasting for at least thirty minutes, will shave four pounds off your waist by the end of the month.

Blood Pressure will Go Down

If you suffer from high blood pressure, especially in the case of severe stress, a hot spa bath is exactly what you need. In fact, many doctors recommend occasional hot baths for people who suffer from hypertension, as it is scientifically proved to lower the blood pressure. Just imagine – after a particularly stressful meeting that tied your veins in a knot and made your ears ring, you enter a steam filled bathroom and immerse yourself in the bath-salt filled water of your glamorous freestanding bath, and let it all wash away. It works better than most pharmaceuticals.

A Matter of Mood

This benefit makes sense – if you relax in a spa bath and meditate for half an hour at least three times a week, it can create tangible mental benefits. As you calm your thoughts down and your body gets rid of toxins, leaving you with a shinier skin, you will see a significant boost in confidence. As a stress-relieving activity, it is especially helpful when it comes to getting rid of daily anxieties, which is a chronic problem most of the workforce faces.

Homemade spa baths are enjoyable pretty much all on their own, as they help wash away all the daily stress and leave you feeling both clean and refreshed. However, there is more to this activity than meets the eye. With a whole list of health benefits, you will find yourself encouraged to setup a prolonged spa session more often than ever before. Who said that something so gratifying has to be bad for you?

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