Home Gym – Using a Door Anchor for Resistance Bands

Home Gym Door Anchor

Are you aware that you do not need always need to hit the gym to exercise?

You can simply work out anywhere in your home with the help of a Home Gym door-anchor on which a resistance band can be anchored. As little as these items may seem compared to the large equipment in the gym, they are the reason some people can keep fit. This is because these people can work out at their convenience. It is all about having a home gym.

In this article, we will discuss subjects revolving around the use of resistance bands and door-anchors. So, if you are looking forwards to working out effectively even in your home/room, you should read on as we have useful information here.

What Is a Door-anchor?

Gym Door Anchor

It is that item that gives your resistance band security. It is used to keep the resistance band in check, making sure that it is unable to slip away when you are carrying out various forms of exercise; that is except your drill does not require using the door.

Unlike the resistance band, the door-anchor is not elastic but made of thick lumps of wool and certain parts that may be metallic.

How Is the Door-anchor Used?

To use this item, you are to thread it through the opposite side of the door while it is shut. The essence of doing this is to restrict the item from slipping away because of the limited amount of space available.

You can tread this item through various parts in between the door and frame. This can be the top, bottom, or even that side where the door is attached to the frame. However, we strongly advise that you use the side that is joined to the frame.

This is because it is usually the most formidable part. The strength of this part is good as it will be able to handle the rigorous pressure that using these items cause.

The only exception to this is when the drill you are supposed to undertake will be inconvenient using that side. This is because some drills performed especially while sitting or laying down are better when the door-anchor is tread through the bottom of the entrance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing and Using a Door-anchor

When the subject is about exercise, caution is very paramount. Using a resistance band attached to a door-anchor is no different. So, your safety while carrying out your home gym routines is of the essence.

In light of this, below are some things to consider when getting a door-anchor for your resistance band:

The Type of Product

These products come in various sizes. But aside from the size, the knotted end of the product is important. This is where all the weight of the body when using the resistance band will rest upon.

So, you should ensure that whatever type of product you choose is fit enough in this area. This means that you are to pay very close attention to the knotted end of the product.

Strength of the Product

Aside from paying attention to the knotted end of the door-anchor, check the entire item. Be certain that it is durable and will not get worn out very soon.

The material used to make this product is usually wool except for the metallic part. You should observe how thick the wool is. This is because it is the part most likely to experience wear and tear.

And even when you get the product, you should replace it the moment you start noticing any form of tear. Do not take chances by trying to manage or mend the wool.

Consider the State of Your Door

You are eager to get a resistance band, door-anchor, and get on with exercising. This is understandable as it is one of the best alternatives to hitting the gym. It is about having your home gym as a matter of fact.

However, you should consider the state of your door before getting any of these items. This is because if it is in a bad state, things can get more complicated or there could be a home accident. That is the last thing you want, which is why you should take this seriously.

You should check the screws and bolts attaching the door to the frame. Make sure they are intact and cannot come off at any point. This is important as stressed before and you should be critical about it.

Furthermore, there are two recommendations to enhance your safety when using these items:

  • Use a door that is not often used. This is except you cannot but use one that is frequently used. However, you should understand that by using one that is rarely used, there is a lesser chance of the door getting bad from the effects of using it as a tool for your physical drills.
  • Do not exercise in opposing direction to how the door closes. You are to exercise in the direction that the door closes. This is so that you are safe when exercising.

You will be at a disadvantage if you exercise in the opposite direction of the door when shut. This is because when someone opens from the other end while you are exercising, you can injure yourself. Also, the lock can come off if it is not very secure.

Just in case you cannot afford to play by this rule, you should get a good lock installed. You should also ensure that the entrance is properly locked when you are about to exercise.

Do not take chances by ignoring this rule. For more information on how best to use the door-anchor in particular, you can watch this video –

Wrap Up

Using the resistance band and door-anchor is a great way to keep fit. One of the high points is how it saves you the trouble of visiting the gym. This is considering that you can carry out your drills with less expensive products and within your personal space.

However, you should ensure that the items you purchase can handle the physical demands ahead. You should also take note of your door as it is an integral tool. Make sure it is in the best working condition.

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